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Referrals: Just the Tip of the Lead Iceberg

You may be surprised to know that while referrals are important, there's a new lead source that offers twice the opportunity.

As a business owner, you know that one of your top sources of new business comes from referrals. Often times, you may not know exactly where the "word of mouth" originated. You just know that somewhere along the line a happy customer passed your information along to a friend, colleague or family member. You may be surprised to know that while referrals are important, there's a new lead source that offers twice the opportunity. Assertive online visibility can yield a bountiful harvest in new business when done effectively. A Bit About Referrals There's no disputing the fact that re…

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Digital vs. Traditional Marketing:
5 Minute Guide

Traditional and online marketing work together to help you be found and sell more.

The differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing are obvious: one focuses on the web and the other focuses on media like print, television, radio, and direct mail. Both share similar goals. Digital marketing and traditional marketing are used to attract qualified customers and build brand awareness in your market, and they work together to power successful marketing results. The right mix of digital and traditional marketing is better than the sum of its parts. Suppose your goal is to sell a certain number of products this month. You could start with a strategica…

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Product Release: Search Retargeting Brings High-Value Shoppers Back

by Max Leisten |
Flyer Netsertive Search Retargeting

The goal of your online marketing campaign is to drive qualified shoppers to your website. What happens if they don’t take action today? Our Netsertive Digital Extend™ subscribers now have a new cost-effective strategy – Search Retargeting – to reach past website visitors with custom ads that may deliver more conversions at a lower cost per lead. Search Retargeting Flyer (PDF) Search Retargeting allows you to uniquely target shoppers who have visited your website, delivering custom ads across a broader target geography than you’d normally target with yo…

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SEO vs SEM: What Every Business Owner Must Know

by Tim McLain |
Google SEO SEM Rankings Business Search

They're questions we hear often from business owners: "What's the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)? Which should I be investing in, and how much?" Before we dive into the specifics of each, it's important to understand that search engine optimization is part of search engine marketing. Both are important and deserve your attention. They work together to solve an essential business challenge: ensure that your business, products and services can be found on the Internet. SEO and SEM are your tools to be assertive local online. Sea…

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CrossFit for Lead Generation: Strengthen Your Local Outreach Online

by Buzz Truitt |

The hottest exercise program heading into 2014 is CrossFit, an eclectic workout that includes aerobics, stretching, and Olympic-style lifting. CrossFit thrives on a perpetually changing model. Its core principles are constant, but new exercises and fresh classes deliver consistent results. The CrossFit program is a perfect match with how we run online marketing campaigns for local clubs and gyms, helping them be assertive in their local market to be found and sign more new members every month. If lead generation is a workout, many fitness owners have been stuck on the Stairmaster…

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Google’s New Search Mousetrap Changes the Game

by Tim McLain |
Netsertive RLSAs make search ads more effective with a remarketing list of website visitors

Enhanced AdWords Campaigns. Hummingbird. Conversational Search. There’s been no shortage of big headlines coming out of the Mountain View search giant in the last few months. What you haven’t heard about is the newest mousetrap in search engine marketing (SEM PPC) that’s poised to change the game. As a Google Premier Partner, the Netsertive team got early access to this technology this Fall. Our initial tests with a handful of clients netted a 71% boost in CTR (click through rates) over standard campaigns. More importantly, we were able to lower the average cost of c…

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Perch Gives Businesses a Birds Eye View of Competition

by Tim McLain |
Perch Smartphone App Local Business Competition Monitoring Tool

We know you spy on your competition, it's good for business. At Netsertive, we live and breath local digital marketing. We use technology to help you take the lead over local competitors. Making it easy to be found online more often by local consumers when they're ready to buy. Our platform keeps close watch on who's searching for specific businesses - their products and services - in thousands of local markets. Then we turn this intelligence into hundreds of digital advertising campaign changes, leading to more qualified customers picking up the phone and swinging your doors every we…

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Netsertive #GivesBack to Toys for Tots

by Communications |
Netsertive Charity Toys for Tots Presents North Carolina

Our holiday toy drive yields great success! Our team #givesback 240 presents for Toys for Tots in the Triangle region here in North Carolina.  Each department competed (fiercely!) for the title of giving the most gifts. Our top team was engineering and product development with 106 toys! Runners up: Performance Success Sales Marketing & Administration Client Sucess  Happy holidays from the hardest working team in adtech!

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5 Online Marketing Metrics to Rule Them All

by Tim McLain |
Netsertive Key Performance Indicators 5 Rule Them All

Big data. Two words you’ve been hearing a lot lately. What does it mean to a local business? Complexity, confusion and frustration. Case in point: You’re spending thousands every month on a litany of marketing activities. Your vendors are drowning you in data to measure success. Still, you’re left wondering: “How much impact is it really having on my bottom line?” I’ve worked with hundreds of local businesses (auto dealers, home goods retailers, medical practices, audio video integrators and more) to help them be found in their local market and s…

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