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Round 2:
Make Retailers Prizefighters….Don’t Throw in the Towel

by Loren Shumate |
Netsertive helps brands by assertive online with digital channel marketing technology

As a digital channel marketing company, we consult with brands and manufacturers everyday around strengthening their brand-retailer relationship. Our mission is simple. We empower them to help their retailers to be found online to drive street traffic to brick and mortar stores. Our conversations are often quite similar. Brands share many of the same struggles: Fighting for retailer mindshare Figuring out how and which retailers to support Managing marketing development funds Making their programs partner-friendly Controlling brand assets to be used properly and timely Bra…

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Blue Glove Minute #4: Are you Loud Enough to be Heard Online?

by Tim McLain |

This week's episode: With so many businesses throwing punches and SHOUTING to be heard online, it's not enough just to show up. You have to he heard above the noise! How? With a strong share of voice. Our Blue Glove Minute video series turns brands and small businesses into online marketing prizefighters. Because Rocky wasn't trained in a day. Let us show you how we can take your marketing to another level: 800.940.4351 //   It's a local fight online. The Netsertive team is here to help local businesses and national brands win every round to attract qualified custome…

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SEO or SEM: Which Online Marketing Strategy Attracts Customers Faster?

Online marketing alphabet soup sem and sem strategies for small business owners

If your primary marketing goal is to drive new customers, clients or patients in your doors, which attracts them to your business faster: SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing)? This is an important question, given that local businesses with revenues under $5 million should spend about 5%-7% of their revenues on their marketing (Small Business Administration). When you're considering that kind of investment to grow your business, you need to know which strategy will impact your bottom line the quickest. What Is SEO? SEO is a tactic used to give your busi…

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Round 1:
Why Brands Should Give Retailers Tough-Love Online

by Loren Shumate |
It's your job to give your retailers tough-love. Push them into the digital age. If they are reluctant, uneducated or not ready to fight in the ring, you need to train them, supplement their efforts, support them. Make them the prizefighters you need them to be.

Marketing online today is not about pulling punches, it's about understanding the customer and how the customer buys. Consumers  have greatly evolved with the growing adoption of the Internet and mobile devices. Studies show that they research online but, ultimately, as much as 94% of retail sales still occur in brick and mortar stores (Forrester). Customers who are in the market for your brand are searching online for a local place to buy your products and services. Are you visible when they're ready to buy? Get in the Ring with Your Local Retailers Consumers have an expecta…

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The Art of Making an Impression Online

By now, the whole world has heard of the old adage that you only get one chance to make a good impression. Online marketing is no exception.

By now, the whole world has heard of the old adage that you only get one chance to make a good impression. Online marketing is no exception. With that in mind, how can you be sure that your digital ads are creating a powerful impression with local, qualified prospects? How can you draw interest and build brand awareness with your digital marketing efforts, and measure effectiveness? Let's start by explaining what online ad impressions are, explain how to make great impression, then offer a pair of principles you can apply today to be certain that your marketing delivers the results…

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It's Your Market: Be Assertive Online to Win the Sale

Your local competition is stealing your customers online be assertive online to win leads

Your online advertising efforts should be characterized by an aggressive effort to reach people who are likely to become customers. This is not a shoot-in-dark-and-hope-it-hits effort. Instead, this is a well-researched, properly funded, highly targeted initiative that is going to yield a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are a few ways you can be assertive with your online advertising. 1. Be Focused Creating a focused online advertising campaign is twofold. First, you need to determine your likely customers. This includes market research about demographics and purchasing …

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Retargeting: Make a Great Second Impression Online

Retargeting online brings buyers back to your website with Netsertive local marketing technology

It's true that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. However, in marketing, it's not just first impressions that count. In many ways, it's the number of impressions that count. For example, retargeting is a new online marketing tactic that has the power to keep your business in front of people who visit your website, delivering lots of impression after they leave to bring them back to buy. How Retargeting Works Suppose that somebody visits your website. This is a potential customer who views information about a current promotion you're offering, gets detai…

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Why Automotive Digital Marketing Should Never Be Cookie Cutter

by Michelle Kim |
Automotive dealer online marketing cookie cutter ads chrysler dodge

Would you settle for the same television advertisement as your local competitor, with the only difference being the dealership name? Today, many dealerships are settling for the same kind of situation on the Internet, the #1 resource for anyone searching for their next new car. Running cookie cutter ads online is a recipe for a diminished return on your online marketing investment. And many dealers don't even know it's happening. For marketing to make a difference, it must differentiate you from your rivals. That means tailored calls to action, citing your unique strengths and curren…

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Blue Glove Minute #3: Impressions Matter

by Kristina Bailey |

This week's episode: Impressions matter! Put your online marketing message, with a strong call to action, in front of customers who are ready to buy today, and you'll win the local fight for new customers, clients, and patients.  Netsertive's new video series will turn you into a marketing prizefighter. Because Rocky wasn't trained in a day! Don't miss an episode - subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and let us show you how we can take your marketing to another level. Every time one of your ads appears online that's one impression. Are you standing out from the crowd, or just …

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Quality vs. Quantity: Why the Type of Traffic Your Website Gets Matters

Is your marketing driving qualified local customers to your business, or just sending you clicks that don't convert into sales?

It's a common refrain among business owners when it comes to Internet marketing; their website traffic numbers are showing thousands of hits every month, but those visitors aren't translating into customers walking in the door. How can they be getting so many visitors, and yet so few customers? It's a simple matter of quantity vs. quality in your website traffic. Here's what you can do to turn a big number of website visitors into local customers swinging your physical doors every month. Start With The Customers You Already Have To improve the quality of your website traffic, take…

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