Website Retargeting Best Practices: Maximize Your Online Marketing Efforts

by Tim McLain |

Website retargeting from Netsertive is a powerful digital marketing tool that can increase your brand recognition online, and increase search activity for your products by qualified customers.

Business owners: The goal of website retargeting is to keep track of visitors to your site and to display your digital ads to those visitors as they visit other online sites.

Done correctly over a period of 3-4 months, and without overdoing the placements, our client see a dramatic lift in returning traffic by qualified consumers who convert into paying clients.


Our latest infographic will help you make sense of this effective technique for every business owner from dentists to eye doctors, audio video integrators, auto dealers, home goods stores, gyms and fitness retailers, and more:

Website Retargeting from Netsertive 800 940 4351

Effectively implementing retargeting with search engine marketing (SEM) has proven to be successful for many online marketers. Here are a few valuable steps that Netsertive takes to help target the appropriate audience for your business:

Maximize Reach with Share of Users

Your Netsertive Marketing Specialist can update your campaign settings to increase the number of users that will see your ads by doing the following:

  • Frequently evaluating your current geography to target the appropriate locations for your business.
  • Removing any language restrictions.
  • Updating and adjusting your budget as needed.

Appropriately Manage your Lists

We create sub-lists to target users by splitting your lists to test different variables with your SEM campaigns.

Advanced retargeting list strategies Netsertive utilizes:

  • Occasion List Strategy: Builds a retargeting list to target visitors who have purchased to re-visit your site for a similar occasion.
  • Portfolio List Strategy: Targets a user who shops for a specific item, and shows them your ads containing similar products or services.
  • New Product/Free Trial list strategy: Creates a remarketing list to target users on a free trial, and then presents them with a coupon as the trial approaches its end.
  • Staggered Discount: Does not present a discount on an ad initially, but a discount appears on the ad when a user is shown the ad the second time.

Update your Ads Frequently

Netsertive can analyze the conversions on your ads and update content to help grow your revenue.

Target High-Performing Sites

We tailor your ads for the most high-performing sites that are relevant to your business.

Ask your Netsertive Marketing Specialist today for additional information regarding how retargeting can benefit your SEM campaigns. Call us at 800.940.4351.


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    Quality over Quantity
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    Always prefer quality over quantity. Using the right strategies. Search engine marketing will be the most easiest and cost effective strategy to attract not MORE website visitors to your website, but HIGHLY QUALIFIED customers. Netsertive has it right!

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