Empowering Brands and Local Businesses to Work Together to Win Local Customers  

Leverage the Power of Netsertive's Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform

Whether you're a national brand or local business, you need to work together to win qualified customers where and when they are ready to buy. A strong brand may start in the mind of the consumer through a brand’s national marketing efforts, but at the end of the day, research shows that 94% of Internet users are researching online, yet buying in their local market (BIA Kelsey).

But, let's face it, the brand-local business relationship can be complicated.

For the brand, it's all about how can I support and fund my local retailers to adopt digital marketing? How can I ensure that they are using the right assets, at the right time, to control our brand?

For the local business, it is about education. I don’t understand digital marketing and how it works. Brand compliance is complicated. What is the right digital-traditional marketing mix that I need to reach qualified customers?

Netsertive’s digital marketing intelligence platform empowers brands and local businesses to work together to win local customers. The company’s two complementary solutions, MarketWise™ for Brands and StreetWise™ for Local Businesses, enable cooperative marketing and resource sharing between brands and their local business partners. Both are powered by Netsertive's proprietary learning engine, which combines the company's deep industry experience with the collective intelligence of its extensive network of automotive, IT technology, major appliance, furniture, consumer electronics, dental and eye care clients to deliver unprecedented campaign speed, performance and value.

An award-winning marketing technology company and Google Premier SMB Partner, Netsertive drives local marketing success from campaign enablement through scaled, local execution. Additionally, Netsertive helps brands with their co-op marketing to ensure localized brand compliance, seamless campaign execution and reimbursement tracking for local partners.

What you can do with Netsertive.

  • Generate dynamic lead pages to deliver brand-approved messaging and special offers within a retailer’s website
  • Automate turnkey digital campaigns with advanced placement and retargeting, across all essential media, including search, display, mobile, video and social
  • Target specific customer groups in highly relevant ways as they search, research or compare products and businesses online
  • Streamline and enhance digital channel marketing (co-op/MDF) programs to ensure the integrity of brands while providing hassle-free resources to local dealers
  • Improve performance by taking advantage of our wealth of industry data and insights

The result? More qualified sales opportunities for your marketing investment.

And with our dedicated client success team providing live support (via a single point of contact with a name and face you recognize), we can demystify the ever-changing world of online marketing, and help you compete online efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get in touch with us today to talk about deploying Netsertive for your brand, or setting up the subscription package that makes the most sense for your business.

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