Make sure you shine online.

How can manufacturers and OEMs build brand awareness while relying on local channel partners to get the word out – and keep business coming in?

You do it by taking advantage of the Digital Marketing Engine – a unique cloud-based platform created by Netsertive, the award-winning online advertising and channel marketing partner.

It pulls together all of the elements you need to highlight your product lines: search, display, mobile and social advertising. And it goes beyond the basics, with things like advanced ad retargeting, dynamic landing pages and, of course, deep and detailed metrics that allow you to keep track of every campaign in every territory.

Co-op advertising has reached $22.4 billion. Nearly $1 billion of these funds are underutilized or unredeemed.

Brands see a higher conversion rate and more sales when the merchant localizes online ads.

– Borrell Associates

With Netsertive on your side, you can drive sales opportunities to channel partners while increasing brand visibility at the very same time – using automatically generated co-branded advertising that amplifies every message and maximizes every marketing dollar. Have a holiday sale coming up? Use Netsertive to drive customers from a display ad directly to a dynamically created page that features your offers on your retailer’s web site.

We’ve deployed this model in thousands of campaigns across a range of industries – so we know the end consumers better than just about anyone. We clearly understand the dynamics of product-driven industries. Simply put, we know what works.

By leveraging our relationships on both sides of the channel, we implement high-performance campaigns at a lower overall cost than either side can do on its own. And by automating and streamlining the administrative and reporting process, we’ve dramatically improved the dynamics of co-op and promotional programs – removing roadblocks, increasing transparency and ensuring accountability.

Let’s talk about how Netsertive can shine a flattering spotlight on your brand.

What you get with Netsertive

  • Centralized compliance for special offers and trademarks that ensures brand integrity and seamless localization
  • Centrally controlled enterprise-level advertising that’s easy and affordable for local dealers and retailers to use
  • Detailed, timely market-by-market reports that enable you to track campaign success
  • Comprehensive digital programs that drive traffic to target websites and increase brand awareness across defined audiences

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