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You know the way the world works: Local riders use search engines like Google, bing and Yahoo! to research independent bike dealers and cycling gear. They click through website after website looking for the latest wheels, shoes and bikes. They ask their online friends. They use their phones to read reviews. Then they contact a local shop and start spending money.

So the question is: Are they going to be racing toward you when they’re online – or toward your competition? Watch as Mike France of West End Bikes (a cycling shop owner like you) who's winning the online race and selling more every month with a local, assertive online marketing program.

The best way to get local bike sales in gear.

With Netsertive, you can take the lead in online awareness through targeted Web discovery. In fact, our customized and localized campaigns incorporate everything from search, display, mobile and social placement to advanced tools for ad retargeting and real-time analytics. This means they can generate new sales opportunities right away, and lay the groundwork for sustained long-term sales growth.

We’ve proven that we can help increase sales for forward-thinking cycling shops and leading brands. Find out how dealers and brands such as Trail Head Cyclery, Crank Brothers, Belmont Wheelworks and Selle Royal are working with Netsertive to pump up sales volume.

Take the lead in your local cycling market. 
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Perfectly Tuned Marketing

  • Cycling Shops
  • Sporting Goods
  • IBDs

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Increase Sales Opportunities

  • Turnkey, customized campaigns for sporting goods stores and IBDs
  • Proven, efficient Internet search, display, mobile and social marketing 
  • Data-driven analysis that ensures qualified clients can find you fast

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Unlock Co-op dollars

  • A unique digital co-op solution that brings together top brands and dealers to co-brand digital ads 
  • Nationally consistent brand messages; store-specific sign off and links
  • Customized campaign conversion pages with centrally-controlled messaging, dynamically injected into local retailers’ websites 
  • Turnkey implementation, automatic reimbursement and complete accountability

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The results speak for themselves

“My Netsertive ads are beating my local competition every day. We're showing up in the top 2 positions for searches related to our products and services. People are coming into the store saying, ‘I didn’t know you guys sold those shoes!’ Our ads are showing up on high-end cycling websites; people come in and tell me we must be a big-shot cycling shop if we can afford to run ads on Cycling News.”

- Nelo’s Cycles 

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