You're Surrounded: Why SEO Isn't Enough to Grow Your Local Business

by Tim McLain |

Your website is open for business. You've worked with a trusted partner on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure your webpages can be found online.

Time for a reality check: Is SEO enough to channel new customers to your website, turning searches for your most profitable products and brands into sales opportunities?

The answer is no. Why? With SEO, you're surrounded.

SEO means you're surrounded. Trust Netsertive with your SEM. Click to see a larger view.


Surrounded by your local competition. By the "noise" of search results in general. SEO is just one small part of your overall online marketing puzzle.

The reality? Your organic search results (enhanced by SEO) are encircled by more effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) messages that help transform searches for your top products and brands into local sales opportunities.

With more than 90% of clicks happening in the top third of every search results page, SEO alone isn't nearly enough to move your revenue needle month after month.

Some SEO companies will focus on making sure your store's website can be found for searches like "appliance columbia, il" or "mattress reading, pa." It's important to consider that your customers aren't searching for you or your brands using keywords like these. And only about half of searches include local modifiers like your town and state. (Source)

Instead, do a search in your local market for "frigidaire range" or "maytag appliances." Try searches for your top products and brands. If you're relying on SEO alone, you may be shocked by what you find. Can you be found for what truly matters?

Only a professional, custom Search Engine Marketing campaign from Netsertive can ensure that your store appears in the top positions relative to these profit-boosting, true customer searches that happen everyday in your local market. That your messages are true marketing pitches, with effective calls to action (buy!) that will grow revenues for your business over the long term.

And every campaign is backed up by Netsertive high-performance "Learning Engine" technology, full phone support, and a team who knows your business inside and out.

SEO vs SEM Netsertive

Finally, don't forget Social Media Optimization (SMO). Your business needs to setup and regularly post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. SMO closes the loop on SEO and SEM, giving you an open forum to communicate with existing customers, share promotional information, hints and tips from your top brands, and more.

Learn more about the vertically-aligned businesses Netsertive serves, including residential and commercial audio video integration, cycling and fitness businesses, appliances, furniture, and mattress retailers, automotive dealers, eye care and dental practices, and security SMBs.

Don't wait another day. Start fighting back by flanking your competition online with a proven, whole-business online marketing solution from Netsertive.


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