Landing pages can make or break your advertising campaigns. After all, that’s where you’re pointing your customers to after they view or click on one of your ads. When they get there, are they able to find exactly what they need—the specific product or service featured in the ad—with a relevant call to action that makes it easy to solve their problem by engaging with your business? Also, is the product or service locally relevant to your prospects with where they are located right now?

A landing page typically has a singular function: to drive engagement or leads. Whether your business values phone calls, form fills, or some other kind of action on your website, the landing page should make it easy and attractive to do just that. However, in order to do that the landing page must be set to provide a good user experience. It takes effort and experience to create an effective page that converts interest into action.

Factor in the complexities of a multi-location business or franchise and you have an even more challenging opportunity altogether. That’s why Netsertive is pioneering a landing page solution specifically for multi-location brands and franchise businesses. Keep reading to learn why your business needs a landing page, how to create one that works, and how Netsertive can help you scale it for every location in your business.

Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

A landing page is foundational to your advertising campaign, because it’s where the action happens and it’s where the action is tracked. A user sees an ad for something they like, clicks on it, and is then taken to a landing page.

Based on their landing page experience, they either close out of the page or further engage with your business.

In order to be effective, your landing page must be tied to one of your advertising campaigns. A landing page that’s not tied to a campaign is, at worst useless, and at best… expensive with no return. According to Omnisend, landing page sign-up forms have a 23% conversion rate. We’ve seen great success with our clients utilizing landing pages that match their ad campaigns, both stylistically and in messaging. 

Landing Pages for Multi-Location Businesses

Multi-location businesses need more than one landing page, they need one for each location in their business. The landing page experience should be relevant to local customers, and nothing is less relevant than searching for a product in your hometown and being taken to a page featuring a business three states away.

Landing pages should provide a relevant and valuable experience for site visitors. That means you will need a landing page for each location in your franchise, or, a sophisticated way of determining where a customer is in relation to your franchise locations and how to get them there efficiently.

Furthermore, landing pages are an opportunity to build trust with your customers. In one place you’re providing the information they’re looking for about your product or service, relevant information about where they can get it, and the steps necessary to solve their problem.

Here are some landing page best practices that help drive conversions, increase ROI, and propel potential customers down the marketing funnel:

Landing Page Best Practices

To increase the conversion rate on your landing pages, we recommend the following best practices for page structure. By page structure, we mean the way that your landing page is set up, optimized, and functioning. Creative messaging and images is important, but without the right page format no one will stay on your landing page long enough to convert.

Here are some best practices:

  • Page loading times:

According to Neil Patel, a one-second delay in page-load speed leads to a 7% drop in conversions

  • Search Engine Optimization

Landing pages should show up in Google’s Search Results, which means they need to be regularly optimized with relevant keywords and other information.

  • Optimized for Mobile

The best landing pages are optimized for mobile viewing. In fact, 86% of the best-performing landing pages are mobile optimized. 

  • Decluttered

Landing pages should be short and to-the-point, leading the visitor to a personalized and attractive call-to-action that will make them more likely to convert.

The Complexity of Multiple Locations

More locations, more problems. Businesses need a way to create a relevant landing page experience for every customer—no matter where they are throughout the country.

To do that effectively, you’ll need a streamlined way to create landing pages based on your ad campaigns, that maintain brand standards, with local elements that allow potential customers to find the most convenient solution near them. 

This is very challenging to do without the right software. Netsertive’s landing page solution was crafted with the unique needs of multi-location businesses in mind. Not only does our AI-enabled platform routinely optimize ad campaigns, including landing pages, it makes it easy to take one landing page and scale it for hundreds of locations across the country. This allows brands the opportunity to stay consistent with their messaging while modifying and localizing elements that are important for each location.

What About Location Pages and Location Finders?

In addition to landing pages, there are other kinds of “experience pages” brands should have within their website structure to create an improved and efficient experience for site visitors.

The location page contains general information about the store location, including the address, geographical information, store hours, and more. It’s usually integrated within the franchisee’s location finder tool—making it as easy as possible for customers to find a solution that’s near them. 

Many franchises and brands have a zip code finder on their website to help their customers easily find the closest provider or store near them. However, sometimes the location finder sends a lead to a store that’s not actually the most convenient for them (i.e. there’s a store even closer but technically in a different zip code). Ideally, your website provider has the capability to direct the customer, and the lead attribution, to the location that’s most convenient or that is assigned to the customer’s location. 

The Netsertive platform is capable of routing that lead to the optimal location and attributing the lead correctly. This yields greater results and more convenient service for our clients using the landing page solution as part of their advertising strategy. 

Connect with Netsertive for Better Performing Landing Pages

For more information about how to add landing pages to your advertising strategy, please get in contact with us! Our marketing specialists are here to help you determine what landing page solution will bring the most benefit to your business.

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