Corporate Culture & Giving

Corporate Culture

At Netsertive, we love our jobs and work hard – and we play just as hard. In fact, we have employee groups who are dedicated to bringing the fun to work.

The Funcubator doesn’t plan the company picnic or buy birthday cakes, they are a group of cross-departmental employees dedicated to making our co-workers go home and say “you wouldn’t believe what happened at work today…”

Each employee is assigned to a Pod on their first day of work. There are four of them — Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. They transcend departments or hierarchies and compete against each other in various events. Imagine, finding yourself pitted against the CEO in a sumo wrestling match while your Pod-mates cheer you on! Pods are pretty much Harry Potter-style Houses without having to deal with Slytherin. Ok, Blue Pod is a little bit like Slytherin…

The Funcubator has done some pretty nutty things: They’ve brought in a dunking booth to dunk our Senior Leadership Team…in March! They’ve organized a video scavenger hunt that had employees trying new experiences like flying a helicopter or playing the bagpipes. They’ve also gifted the office with the Flux-Cool-Pacitor — a freezer chest that magically fills with free ice cream in the summertime.


Corporate Giving

We encourage our people to give back to our community – and beyond – whenever possible.

Our employees run a group that drives all things charitable: Netsertive Gives Back. And they tell us that they get just as much out of the experience as they give. In addition to Netsertive Gives Back, Netsertive also has Volunteer Time Off (VTO), where employees can donate their time to a charity of choice during work hours

As a company, we’re proud to support many organizations, locally and globally. In the last year, we’ve supported Turn the Town Pink in support of cancer research and treatments, raised charitable cash and did an on-site food packing event in the office (with our family and friends!) to support Stop Hunger Now (our donations went to the Dominican Republic), and donated more than 500 school supplies to the Global Scholar Academy in Durham, NC. If you want to become a part of our dynamic and giving-minded company, check out our Careers page for more!

Contact us to learn more about Netsertive Gives Back and our current charitable initiatives, or to suggest a charity for us to support.

stop hunger now

Featured Charity: Stop Hunger Now

Netsertive team members come together during a meal packing event that sends 10,000 meals to a crisis area. Wherever the need it at the moment, these meals are sent. Last year we raised a lot in donations. Our meals went to Dominican Republic and we did an on-site packing event right here in the office! Friends and family of all ages joined together in an assembly line to package these meals.