CoolSculpting Netsertive Testimonial | Dr. James Silberzweig


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Holland Plastic Surgery

"More than half of our patients are coming from the Internet, which is a surprise to me since I learned old school marketing 15 years ago. Bringing on something like CoolSculpting has been a totally different world, there's a lot of practices who offer it. We tried another digital provider, but we saw an immediate drop off in new patients. Netsertive brings us 5 times more patients than other digital marketing companies. They have a lot of experience with CoolSculpting."

-Dr. Sarah Holland, MD


Social Media Advertising from Netsertive

Almost 3/4 of American adults who use the internet are on Facebook. Most of them access it everyday. Less than 10% of businesses are leveraging social media advertising. Netsertive offers fully integrated brand to local social media advertising to help you gain the edge over your competition.


7 Criteria for Picking a Digital Marketing Partner

One of the most important business decisions is choosing an effective marketing partner. Customers are your lifeblood and being visible to them is critical. You need marketing that makes it easy for your customers to swing your digital door.


Medical Practice Digital Marketing from Netsertive

15 million searches will be entered into Google in the time you watch this video. Hundreds of these searches will happen right in your local area. Netsertive turns searches for your treatments and procedures into click on your website and calls to your office.


CoolSculpting Netsertive Testimonial | Dr. James Silberzweig

Profitable new CoolSculpting patients are online. We leverage deep healthcare knowledge to target patients who are ready to visit a service provider now. We know cosmetic and CoolSculpting. Do digital right and drive profit through targeted patient acquisition.


Get Your Website Ready for Digital Marketing

Your website is your most important marketing tool and is the digital door for consumers to engage with you. Your online presence could be the key to get your consumers to swing through your stores physical door.