Digital Marketing Technology and Campaign Management

We help location-based businesses increase appointments and revenue.

Who We Serve

Healthcare Systems, OEMs, Dealer Groups, and Brands with multiple locations all use Netsertive to customize digital advertising campaigns for each unique location, enabling better business decisions through local analytics and insights.


Increase appointments and profitable patient revenue.

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Drive traffic and sales through cost-effective digital advertising

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Local Businesses

Increase traffic and sales at retail and service locations.

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Produce and manage of digital media with Netsertive’s Creative Studio.

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Help clients win through truly localized marketing at scale.

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Scale with Technology, Not Stress

When you multiply locations, advertising channels, and ad formats, it becomes impossible to scale a multi-channel ad strategy. That's where Netsertive excels.

Scale complex, multi-channel campaigns.
Generate quality traffic and a high return on ad spend.
Manage budgets and reporting from a single platform.
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Analytics and Insights

Better Decision Making with Local Intelligence and Insights

No marketer likes to admit they don't know what is working and why, yet without local marketing activity and intel, that is often the case. Netsertive's Analytics Dashboard empowers you with what's working across your network and at each individual location so you can maximize impact and make better business decisions.

Business Analytics

Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform

Netsertive offers a full stack of software for search, social, video, display advertising. Each is powerful alone, but even better when used together.

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