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Centralized Marketing Analytics

Get actionable insights and analytics at the national and local level to visualize, measure and understand campaign metrics and attribution through Netsertive’s Insights Manager. 

Insights Manager

Netsertive’s Insights Manager centralizes and normalizes marketing data across channels and locations, so multi-location marketers can make faster, more informed decisions. Get national and local performance metrics, views into your return on ad spend, see high and low performing locations, view lead details, listen to lead phone calls, and much more. 

Our advantage is the strategic oversight that Netsertive’s Expert Support team brings to our award-winning technology, giving you the power to make faster and more informed business decisions, select the best tactics and get the most out of your advertising spend.

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Centralized Analytics

Insights Manager

  • Get actionable insights and analytics at the national and local level
  • Visualize, measure and understand campaign metrics and attribution
  • Use ROI and ROAS analysis tools to understand high and low performers
  • Netsertive’s Expert Support team provides strategy, media planning, and optimizations to get the most out of your marketing investment
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Insights Manager Capabilities

Location insights

View and high and low performing locations to understand what’s working and what’s not, and better coach locations using data

Network insights

Understand what’s happening across your brands’ network and individual campaigns, without logging into different business managers. Netsertive’s MLX Platform integrates with Meta, Google, and Microsoft to ingest campaign data and normalize it against each other, so you can compare apples to apples.

Attribution tracking

Close the measurement gap with one of Netsertive’s 40 integrations or use Netsertive’s Attribution Pro to get lead source attribution into your CRM without an integration.

Phone and form details

See where leads are coming, listen to phone calls and view web form submit information for intel into what prospective customers are asking about.  Website analytics - See what’s converting and what’s not, to update location pages, forms and campaigns, and apply best practices network-wide.

Custom reporting

Get analytics and reports in the way that works for your specific team. Whether it’s an integration, dashboard, excel or sheets, we’ve done it all and can automate painful manual reporting steps away.

Lead workflow integrations

Integrate with one of Netsertive’s 40 integrations to simplify lead management and optimization steps

ROI and ROAS insights

Use first party data or our ROAS assumptions model to understand return on your marketing investment at the national and local levels

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