Brendan Morrissey Named Innovator of the Year by Business North Carolina Magazine

October 12, 2016

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Netsertive CEO, Brendan Morrissey named Innovator of the Year by Business North Carolina Magazine

Netsertive’s Chief Executive Officer, Brendan Morrissey, has been named Innovator of the Year by Business North Carolina Magazine. In the feature article, Morrissey discusses the building blocks that have helped him become one of North Carolina’s most successful tech executives.

Morrissey’s tech-driven career included stops at Nextel Communications and GoldPocket before founding Netsertive in 2009 with his three business partners. Since Netsertive’s founding days, Morrissey has led the company in a successful $24 million financing round that included the initial investors, plus Charlotte-based Babson Capital Management (now Barings LLC) and River Cities Capital Funds. It now has 250 employees and recently added another 22,000 square feet to its offices at Morrisville’s Perimeter Park to accommodate growth. Revenues have gained 400% over the last three years.

Morrissey credits his Netsertive team for the company’s success. “You don’t get to achieve any of these things without an incredible team,” he says. And then he repeats a mantra ingrained in him as a varsity rower in college: “A boat will only travel as fast as its weakest oarsman will go,” he says. “Everybody has to be in perfect synchronicity.”

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