Business News Daily: Market Everywhere – 3 Omnichannel Marketing Tips

December 02, 2016

business news daily

The goal of omnichannel marketing — reaching customers wherever they are, such as on your website, on social media or in your store — is to create a seamless experience for customers regardless of their engagement method. Whether in person or online, the way a customer interfaces with your company should be a positive experience with consistent branding and messaging.

In a recent study published by Netsertive and the CMO Council titled “Omnichannel’s Missing Link,” more than 180 marketers shared their challenges in delivering an omnichannel solution. The study found a large disconnect between brands and local retail partners: 94 percent of the marketers surveyed cited a lack of faith in local retailers’ abilities as a main concern. The study found that local retailers’ dearth of marketing knowledge, resources and tools can lead to disjointed customer experiences. It also revealed that brand marketers want control of the customer experience, even if it doesn’t mean following customers’ preferences. For instance, nearly 92 percent of purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar stores, but only 22 percent of marketers consider local retail partners critical to the marketing process.

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