NADA 2017 Vendor Insights

March 10, 2017

Driving Sales

Gary Galloway, Netsertive’s Automotive Digital Marketing Evangelist, explains in a┬árecent article published on the Driving Sales Blog, that dealers really need to take a closer look at their overall marketing spend across all media channels, both traditional and digital. Looking at 2017’s marketing budget through the same lens as 2008 is no longer viable option. They need to approach looking at all of their expenses in their dealerships starting with the big three: advertising, floor plan and personnel.

What does that mean? Dealers┬áneed to make sure that what they are spending is being done so in a deliberate, measurable fashion. If they are running a television campaign, for example, then they need to make sure that it’s running for the right reason and appropriate metrics are being evaluated on a monthly basis. The same is true for their investments in the vehicle listing services (e.g., Autotrader,, etc.). And, it’s especially relevant and true with their digital marketing investment. They should make absolutely certain that they have the proper metrics set up to properly evaluate their digital marketing providers.

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