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Retail Dive: Netsertive Launches First Scalable Brand-to-Local YouTube Advertising Solution

February 28, 2018


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“The ability to scale advertising and promotions on YouTube is something that both our brands and vendors, as well as our 5,300 retail members with over 14,000 stores, have long waited for,” said Dev Mukherjee, EVP, digital and technology at Nationwide Marketing Group, North America’s largest buying and marketing organization. “We are working closely with Netsertive to ensure our vendors and members have full advantage of this innovative solution.”

Netsertive’s first-to-market solution for YouTube includes both front-end creation and localization, as well as back-end execution and management, for hundreds or thousands of simultaneous digital video campaigns. Centralized management also allows for rapid changes to creative assets, a critical feature for scaled localization. Read the full article here.