STREETFIGHT: Is Your Local Dealership Prepared for a New Era of Car Buying?

September 07, 2017


Buying a car is one of the largest financial decisions most consumers will make in their lifetime. And it used to be car shopping wasn’t so easy. Years ago, auto shoppers would spend weeks or even months visiting multiple dealerships, relying on salesmen and managers to provide the guidance they needed to make their purchase decision.

Today, things have changed. With unlimited access to online information about every make and model out there, auto shoppers don’t even need to leave their living room to research their options.

Netsertive surveyed 500 recent car buyers across the U.S. and found that auto shoppers aren’t showing up to the lot until the very last moment in their path to purchase. With this finding, it’s more important now than ever for dealers and OEMs to work together to “sell” buyers through online engagements before they even step foot on the lot.

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