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Our Used Car Digital Marketing Solution pairs a core inventory strategy with dynamic search ads

Eliminate Wasted Ad Dollars

Used car advertising can be a huge opportunity for auto dealers. Our CORE used car digital marketing solution will get you the most from your ad dollars.

Increase Vehicle Detail Page Visitors

 Generating traffic to your dealership’s website is important, but generating shopper traffic to your VDP’s is crucial to increasing sales.

Attract Higher Quality Leads

Our CORE used car digital marketing solution puts your inventory in front of high quality, ready-to-buy shoppers.

Used Car Digital Marketing Solution

Focus on Your Core Inventory

The market for used vehicles can be diverse and unpredictable, but you can improve your chances of selling cars faster and making top-dollar if you know where to focus your efforts. With our Core Used Car Digital Marketing Solution, you’ll be able to sell faster, dominate your competition, and make better decisions for your dealership.

What is Core Used Car Inventory?  Your core used car inventory usually makes up at least 75% of your available inventory. Cars in your core inventory sell fastest and make you the most money. Typically, a vehicle is “core” to your business if you can regularly sell it in less than 30 days and hold more than $1,500 gross profit.


Sell More With Dynamic Ads

Many dealers use dynamic ad campaigns but focus on advertising their whole inventory. This can  lead to search ads promoting “1 Used BMW 3 Series In Stock.”  The chances that this one car is the right year, trim, and color that the consumer wants is highly unlikely.

Our Used Car Digital Marketing Solution focuses on your core inventory to ensure that you’re making the most of your marketing dollars and showing up in the searches for the cars your customers want.

  • Our dynamic search ads automatically change key pieces of ad text (make and model) based on the consumer’s search terms to make your ad more relevant.
  • All of our campaigns are optimized daily by our technology that uses the collective wisdom of our national network and a proprietary keyword scoring system.


Netsertive Used Car Solution

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