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70% of all hospital web traffic starts from an online search – and 2 out of 3 ER visitors found the hospital through a search. This means that your best prospective patients are online, doing research before selecting a treatment center or brand. These are the patients you want to reach – and we help you do that.

Through MarketWise™ for Healthcare, Netsertive uses data to take the guesswork out of online marketing. We leverage industry knowledge to design campaigns that scale easily and target new patients who are ready to visit a service provider.

We make digital marketing not just accessible, but easy – and easy to scale.

We Offer Solutions For:

Netsertive Knows Health Systems

You’re challenged to drive acquisition of profitable patients, improve patient flow, and keep your top physicians happy – all at once, across many divisions or locations. And, your existing marketing may not be delivering on your goals or providing ROI. You have compliance concerns, stiff competition and a longer approval process to contend with.

Let us help. You will:

  • Realize a better return on your marketing investment
  • Use localized search, display, mobile, video and social marketing to reach patients where they spend their time
  • Seamlessly scale campaigns across multiple divisions, locations or branded facilities
  • Easily promote your biggest asset – your surgeons and physicians


Sometimes local physicians struggle to  run effective digital marketing campaigns. With StreetWise™, physicians get the marketing intelligence and assets they need to execute successful and compliant digital campaigns.

We turn our extensive healthcare industry expertise into a steady stream of new high-value patients.

Leverage Strategy, Technology and Speed

We arm hospitals and healthcare brands with industry knowledge, approved marketing content, automated funding, and unparalleled personal support. Our proprietary platform lets us develop tailored local strategies.

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Scale Your Network

MarketWise™ scales easily with your entire network and allows you to execute effective campaigns no matter how many divisions or units you have. And you’ll always know exactly what’s happening at each local level. MarketWise™ delivers clear reporting on key performance metrics. You’ll easily track total impressions, conversions, landing page performance, and more, all in a clean, easy-to-use platform.

Our success is proven – our healthcare clients have realized an average Google ranking position of 1.8 and an average conversion rate of 12.4%. Take a look at our healthcare success stories.

The MarketWiseTM Solution



70% of hospital web traffic is driven by search, yet “Hospital Near Me’ is unserved by ads 50% of the time. With data-driven search ads, you’ll find quality patients when they’re looking for you.


Online display ads increase follow-on searches by up to 25% – and retargeting increases conversion by 70%.


60% of patients search on a device when choosing a treatment center, and of them, 86% say the search was influential in their decision. Mobile strategies reach patients at the critical moments.


70% of adults in the US have at least one online profile – many of your patients use social. With social advertising, you can reach a very targeted audience with your value proposition.

Online Video

Video is hot – in the past year, “healthcare” searches on YouTube have doubled to $1B. With Netsertive, you’ll go far beyond YouTube to reach new audiences.

Landing Pages

Prospective patients who click your ads are ready to take action. Use conversion-optimized landing pages created by our healthcare experts to drive them to your doors.

Netsertive drives new patient acquisition in these sub-specialties and more:




OBGYN / Birthing





Primary Care

Emergency / Urgent Care

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