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Optimize for conversion with localized landing pages.

landing pages

Localized Landing
Pages at Scale

Directing campaign traffic to a landing page results in an average increase in conversion rates of 25 percent (Omniture). That’s because landing pages are built for an action you want your audience to take as a result of seeing an ad.

To further improve performance, landing pages can be customized with local images and messaging, yet creating hundreds of localized landing pages is too time consuming to do manually.

Our AI-enabled Platform simplifies the complexity of executing hundreds of localized landing pages across distribution channels, to ensure you're delivering a powerful, locally relevant campaign built for conversion.

landing pages

Improve Campaign Performance with a Seamless Experience

Drive viewers from your search, display, and video ad campaigns to purpose built landing pages to improve performance.

Provide localized content and information across each of your unique locations
Provide a seamless customer experience
Boost visibility and search ranking
Promote unique content
Improve speed to market

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