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Podcast with Chad Palmer, VP of Digital Marketing at United Franchise Group

Digital Marketing Across a Family of Brands

As the Vice President of Digital Marketing for United Franchise Group, Chad Palmer has his finger on the pulse of the industry through the more than 1,600 franchise locations across 11 brands in 80 countries under his company’s oversight.

In this episode, Chad shares his insights on what it takes to build sustained, long-term franchise growth, the systems and tools they use to marketing across an affiliated family of brands, and how a big name sponsorship for the World Axe Throwing Championship took a different approach to create marketing impact. 

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Guest Profile

Chad Palmer

VP of Digital Marketing
United Franchise Group

After working for a decade and a half in the multi-location music instrument retail space, Chad joined the United Franchise Group to help advance its digital marketing initiatives. After showing the impact digital marketing and data analysis had for franchisors, he was moved into the Vice President of Franchise Development role most recently served as the VP of Digital Marketing. A seasoned marketer and Kaizen practitioner, he is using the power of franchising to change people’s lives.

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