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The Art of Franchise Marketing

Welcome to The Art of Franchise Marketing! Each podcast episode takes a deep dive into the franchise space and explores how the biggest and best brands handle national branding, franchise development, employee recruitment, and localized marketing on a daily basis. Netsertive’s Madeleine Park talks shop with franchise executives to discuss what’s working, what’s not, and answers the question - what else can you be doing to excel at The Art of Franchise Marketing.

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Talking Shop with the Top Brands in Franchising


Podcast with Josie DeVault, Director of Marketing at A Place At Home

Building on the Fly and Adapting to the Post-Pandemic Digital World

A Place At Home, a senior home care franchise, is putting the why back into franchising. Josie DeVault, Director of Marketing at A Place At Home, is laser focused on building value propositions within all of their verticals. Josie takes us through how her team is building-on-the-fly to ensure their franchise and marketing strategies are adapted to the post-pandemic digital world.

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Podcast with Katie Yeargan, Vice President of Development, Waxxpot Franchising

How Emerging Brands Can Realize Massive Growth While Maintaining a Consumer-Centric Model

Waxxpot, a boutique waxing franchise, has exploded onto the market and is quickly becoming a household name. In this episode, Katie Yeargan, Waxxpot’s VP of Development and a child of a franchise family, talks about what it takes to develop an emerging brand and how to capitalize on vast opportunities for growth.

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Podcast with Sean Fitzgerald, President of TruBlue Total Home Care

How TruBlue Combined Multiple Industry Needs Into One Franchise Model and Marketed It For Success

TruBlue Total House Care saw the opportunity to combine multiple in-home needs and turn them into a completely new franchise model. Providing both senior home modifications and handyman services, TruBlue Total House Care’s President Sean Fitzgerald discusses the intricacies and importance of spot-on marketing messaging and operational excellence.

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Podcast with DeBow Padgett, Director of Marketing at Color Me Mine

Creating New Revenue Streams Withing Your Existing Franchise System

Learn how Twist Brands (Painting With a Twist & Color Me Mine) worked quickly and creatively to build a brand new revenue pillar to support their franchisees during the pandemic. The new source of revenue worked so well that it is becoming one of the staples for their model. DeBow Padgett, Director of Marketing, also unveils the tips and tricks two of the most creative brands in the space utilize to keep their marketing fresh and new every season.

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Podcast with Ellen Rhor, President of ZOOM DRAIN

Optimizing a Franchise Brand for Scale and Satisfaction

Ellen Rohr is a franchising force of nature—and a ton of fun. As President at Zoom Drain, she has focused on establishing an award-winning brand and the operational systems needed to get the franchise ready to scale. In this episode, Erin shares her mindset in approaching their goal of 5x growth to 100 locations and how Zoom Drain delivers on their brand promise of Fast, Focused, and Fixed.

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Podcast with Stephanie Hill, Vice President of Marketing at MassageLuXe International

Massaging Your Marketing Message for Brand and Local Expansion

MassageLuXe International has expanded to over 70 locations by sharing the broad benefits of their wellness services and delivering an incredible spa experience for their clients. In this episode, Stephanie Hill, Vice President of Marketing at MassageLuXe International, dives into the importance of a multi-prong marketing strategy that supports franchisee, client, and employee satisfaction and shares how they have pushed their brand to the top of the industry.

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Podcast with Jonathon Reckles, Director of Marketing at CD One Price Cleaners

Creating Demand Through Customer Experience Innovation

In this episode, Jonathon Reckles, Director of Marketing at CD One Price Cleaners discusses how their franchise utilizes different marketing tactics to fight industry decline, track client redemption and retention rates, and beat out the competition. With no required franchisee marketing spend, learn how CD One Price Cleaners takes full advantage of their NAF through multi-channel marketing and how they’re generating new demand with omnichannel customer experience innovation.

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Podcast with Angela Paules, Chief Marketing Officer at Buzz Franchise Brands

Creating a Resilient Franchise Brand Through Quality Service

Buzz Franchise Brands stands out for their portfolio of franchises with exemplary customer service that flows from its award-winning company culture. In this episode, Angela Paules, Chief Marketing Officer at Buzz Franchise Brands, shares the story of how they grew from a small mosquito control company to a multi-brand franchise leader with over 280 locations. Angela shares insights into their local and expansion marketing strategies, and how their franchise family came together to successfully support each other through the pandemic without losing any locations in the process.

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Podcast with Griswold Home Care's CEO, Michael Slupecki, and VP of Marketing, Shelley Kanther

Uniting Franchise Marketing and Company Culture for Franchisee Success

The success of Griswold Home Care lies in their team's ability to serve others with compassion. It takes uniquely empathetic franchisees, caregivers, and home office employees to succeed in the home care space, which creates a strong lens for all aspects of marketing. How do you build a brand that stands for your core values and facilitates relationship building at the local level? In this episode, Griswold Home Care's CEO, Michael Slupecki, and VP of Marketing, Shelley Kanther, share their insights on the art of franchise marketing and how a compassion-focused culture extends to every part of their business.

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Podcast with Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer at Wild Birds Unlimited

Building Award-Winning Franchisee Satisfaction

With one of the largest hobbyist demands at your fingertips and billions spent annually on your product, how do you build strategies that ensure franchisees maximize their marketing while at the same time building a foundation for growth? Wild Birds Unlimited has mastered that formula over the past 30 years. In this episode, Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer of Wild Birds Unlimited, shares his secrets to retail franchise success.

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Podcast with Lizi Wahl, Director of Franchise Marketing at Young Rembrandts

Scaling Your Franchise Marketing Success

With a franchise model that has steady demand and recurring revenue, Young Rembrandts have artistically defined the best marketing tactics for their brand. Whether they are a new location marketing to twenty people or the national brand marketing to thousands, the key is finding what works and then automating it. Lizi Wahl, Director of Franchise Marketing, speaks with us about simplifying the complicated for a direct path to success.

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Podcast with Angie Schatschneider, Director of Marketing at NTY Franchise Company

Empowering Franchisees to Be Creative with Their Marketing

When your franchise model relies on your customers for both inventory and revenue, marketing is constantly in the hot seat. Add-in that your competitors are major box retailers with budgets in the millions and you’ve got a marketing challenge fit for Angie Schatschneider and the New To You Franchise Brands. In this episode, you’ll learn how The Clothes Mentor utilizes highly targeted marketing strategies to grow their brand and how those strategies are devised using trends, analytics, psychology, spend and a bit of scrappiness.

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Podcast with Autumn Lew, Vice President of Marketing at Just Between Friends

Building a Community-Focused Franchise Brand

From spiking sales cycles, the evolution of social media, and an atypical business model, Just Between Friends has mastered the art of niche franchise marketing. With sustainability and support in mind, Autumn Lew, VP of Marketing, walks us through how to successfully grow a community-focused brand with a lean marketing budget.

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Podcast with Maryellen Torres, Chief Brand Officer at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers

Activating a Franchise Brand Through Online and Offline Channels

The success of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers lies not only in the quality of physical therapy they provide but also in the way they activate their brand experience. From strategic brand management,  to franchisee engagement, micro-marketing, and more, learn from Chief Brand Officer, Maryellen Torres the step-by-step ways you can activate the best marketing programs for your franchise.

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Podcast with Christy Barnes, VP, Marketing at Camp Bow Wow

Positioning Your Franchise Marketing to Win Loyal Customers

Understanding the importance of communicating value through your messaging is what makes Camp Bow Wow so successful. Christy Barnes, VP of Marketing, discusses how building a brand that resonates with what people love—specifically dogs—is no easy task but can be done successfully through brand positioning selective selling, preferred partnerships, and enabling franchisees to tell their stories locally.

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