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Sifting Through Marketing Strategies

August 28, 2013

According to Advice Interactive Group, 1 out of every 4 advertising dollars spent in 2014 will go toward online marketing. With so much

money being spent on this marketing channel, it’s more important than ever for local businesses to develop effective strategies that they can use to get the most out of their investment. Many lucrative strategies exist, including paid ads (search, display, mobile, video), content marketing, social marketing, and more.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing strategies exist to attract people from your target consumer base to your company. These strategies assume that consumers do research before making a choice, and they rely on building a strong, positive identity for your brand. Typical inbound marketing strategies include:

  • Ad retargeting: Targeting your ads to specific consumers who have visited your website or interacted with you on social media platforms. Ad retargeting assumes that, because these consumers have already researched your company, they are more likely to take action if you send them subtle reminders. Netsertive specializes in website retargeting using our co-branded, localized display ads from your top brands, which boosts conversion rates above most other digital tactics.
  • Content marketing: Writing high-quality articles for popular media and informational outlets that promote your brand. Consumers researching a product or service read these articles on your blog or an authoritative, relevant website and subsequently choose your business over others.
  • Social marketing: Reaching out to potential consumers by engaging them in conversations through forums and social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Social marketing is one of the newest inbound marketing strategies, with lead conversion rates 13 percent higher than the average rate for other channels, according to Media Bistro.

Since inbound marketing targets consumers who are already researching a product or service, inbound marketing strategies are only effective when your company’s reputation is solid. To keep your business’s online identity as positive as possible, you must monitor and respond to any negative consumer feedback or complaints that appear online. While some companies monitor consumer activity on their own, others outsource this task to third parties. While some companies monitor consumer activity on their own, others outsource this task to third parties like

Outbound Marketing Strategies

Although inbound marketing will deliver new sales-ready leads, outbound strategies also increases your conversion rates when used appropriately. Outbound marketing strategies are those strategies that focus on consumers who are already interested in your products and services. Instead of inspiring attention, these techniques make use of desires the consumer already has. Examples of outbound marketing strategies include:

  • Paid search, display, mobile advertising: Paying to have your company’s ad appear in prominent places when a customer searches for a specific keyword or set of keywords. They key is to work with a marketing specialist who specialized in your kind of business and is a Google Premier SMB Partner: Netsertive. This will ensure that you get qualified customers into your location and website, sell more of your products and services, and be highly visible online in the places that count most for your bottom line.
  • Email marketing: Sending emails to consumers who visited your website but left before making a purchase. The emails you send may include special offers, such as discounts, or a reminder that the consumer did not complete the purchase of items placed in an online cart.
  • Affiliate marketing: Rewarding marketing partners for referring consumers to your company. For example, if your business sells children’s clothing, you may receive affiliate marketing referrals from a parenting blog with a strong following.
  • Product feeds: Providing information about your company’s products to shopping comparison websites, such as Google Shopping, so that they appear in the results for specific consumer searches.

Selecting Strategies

To maximize the results of your online marketing efforts, it’s best to select a combination of strategies. With multiple active strategies, you can reach more consumers and generate more conversions. Regardless of the strategies you choose, continual monitoring of their effectiveness is essential. Through regular monitoring and evaluation, you can identify those strategies that are most lucrative for your company, as well as those that need to be improved or eliminated.

Tim McLain <> is the senior marketing manager for Netsertive (, a fast-growing digital advertising company that drives local sales opportunities through the power of Internet discovery. 

Tim McLain

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Tim is our Segment Marketing Manager here at Netsertive. He works cross-functionally with our sales, client success teams plus national brands to set the stage for digital marketing success. He's happiest when brainstorming new approaches to marketing and communications to help prospects and clients better understand, trust and embrace technology to grow their bottom line.