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The Platform’s agile deployment capabilities allow Netsertive to launch thousands of localized campaigns quickly and efficiently using SmartLaunch. SmartLaunch ensures campaigns are co-op eligible and localized.

SmartLaunch applies structure, localization, targeting, and other components to new campaigns to prepare them for campaign launch. Once the campaign is set live, SmartTarget and SmartAdjust step in to optimize the new campaign.

Key Features

New customers can be up and running in as little as a day with SmartLaunch. Updated brand messages and promotions can be in front of the right users across the country in minutes.


SmartLaunch smoothly localizes thousands of brand-compliant ads with CreativeDeploy, maintaining consistent messaging and branding across locations.


Unique advertising creative or specials can be applied by region, brand, or for a single location to make campaigns even more relevant.


SmartLaunch also makes it possible for SmartInsights to monitor digital advertising performance from the beginning.


SmartLaunch creates conversions for each location and assigns unique call numbers to relevant campaigns so calls and conversions can be analyzed.