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Netsertive’s Platform intelligently targets consumers by analyzing millions of data points from countless sources with SmartTarget technology.

SmartTarget uses a combination of big data, machine learning, and first-party data to map the similarities of consumers across the country. Netsertive’s Platform uses these consumer patterns to hone in on the ideal local audience for our customers.

Once An Audience Is Chosen

SmartTarget continues to refine that audience daily, analyzing outcomes across all of Netsertive’s active campaigns and showing ads only on top-performing placements and to the most qualified potential buyers. Similarly, SmartTarget refines retargeting audiences and incorporates them across ad channels, connecting campaigns and tailoring ad messages. SmartTarget knows which website visitors viewed specific pages and shows them ads relevant to the page’s content.

Specific types of targeting include: demographics, location (geo), keywords, behavioral, contextual, and retargeting.

People On Globe


Target individuals based on gender, age, marital status, income, and more.

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Location (Geo)

Reach individuals located in or interested in a particular area, or those a certain distance from a specific location.


Target individuals who have previously searched for specific keywords.



Target individuals based on their browsing and search history.



Serve your ads on websites with relevant content.

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Re-engage previous website visitors or people who have interacted with an ad previously.