Solta/Netsertive Program Enrollment

Congratulations on selling a machine!

Your Netsertive team will:

  • Turn on a multichannel campaign that will create awareness for Thermage or Clear + Brilliant in your area. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, YouTube and Landing Pages are available.
  • Assign a personal digital marketing expert who will localize, personalize, and optimize your campaign for success.
  • Provide practice phone call recordings generated by your Netsertive ads.
  • Give you real time access to your campaign performance data via our reporting website.

Please fill out the information below, and a Netsertive team member will reach out to help you get started!

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Digital Marketing Funds is a comprehensive term denoting both the direct media spend and the full cost of delivering digital media across channels. The current DMF ratio allocates 70% to direct media and 30% towards expenses.

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