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We Drive Profitable Patient Revenue

Scale campaigns across channels and service line locations to deliver quality, cost-efficient appointments.

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What have we learned over 10 years and $1 Billion in ad spend?

Precise, location-based targeting drives performance.

Say Hi to Your New ROI.

We drive appointments through tailored media plans and ad sets to the location level, delivering precision spend and no wasted budget.

Location. Location. Location.

Our platform automates the scaling of complex campaigns across multiple service lines and locations.

Awesomeness in 1/10th the Time.

We deploy multi-channel campaigns and demonstrate a return on ad spend in a matter of days.

Netsertive Opens the Digital Front Door to Your New Patients

We're experts at making sure your ads are served when and where your new potential patients spend time online.

Turnkey Execution from Netsertive's Healthcare Marketing Experts

Up to 10:1 Return on Ad Spend

A 24/7 Dashboard to Monitor Performance

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Reach New Patients Across Ad Networks with the Netsertive Platform

Netsertive integrates the largest ad platforms into a single tool. We distribute spend and tune ads to optimize for conversions and extend your budget. That means more appointments for your ad spend.

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“Netsertive allows us to engage the right patient at the right time with the right message.”
Eileen Varnson
VP, Marketing & Communications
Riverside Health

Getting Started

Here's how a typical engagement flows when we onboard a new healthcare provider.



We build out a campaign strategy for each service line and location, factoring in your unique goals and circumstances.



Our team and platform begin learning what works for you, and each location is tuned and optimized to generate a high return on ad spend.



We continue to optimize performance and scale lead and appointment generation across more locations and service lines.

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