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The Value of Localization

With a localized, dynamic approach, you’ll be able to easily scale targeted, engaging campaigns to your prospects and customers, so you can outperform your competition.

Localization at Scale

Easily scale brand campaigns to your franchises and stores to engage prospects at a local level

Personalized Targeting

Personalize ads to your prospects with premium targeting across various channels for greater engagement

Data-Driven Campaigns

Easy-to-use reporting platform enables stronger performance insights at national and store levels

Drive Sales Through Proven Solutions

Our localized ad solutions put you in front of your customers wherever they are, giving them the information they need to make an informed purchase – from your retailers.

Digital Marketing Solution for National Retailers

Interactive Rich Media Advertising

Take interactive ads further: your customers will connect with local inventory, promotions, and nearby stores through relevant, hyper-local ads

Video Advertising

Easily customize your national video ads for each store location to create personalized experiences for your local prospects

Social Media Advertising

Stand out among the digital noise by localizing your ads with information on the locations closest to a user at that moment

Search Engine Marketing

Quickly offer locally-relevant information to prospects with keyword, geography and audience targeting - and capture them with “click to call”

Localize Your National Brand – Easily

Our technology easily scales your brand from national to local by personalizing ads based on a user's location and personal preferences.

We localize ads by:

  • Personalizing to your prospects with premium targeting capabilities – serve the most relevant, engaging ads
  • Using information such as zip codes to serve location-specific ads, which drive to relevant inventory and promotions
  • Customizing brand-approved assets such as videos, images and logos per location
  • Delivering leads to your closest store’s sales team for timely, relevant follow-up
Store-Level Attribution to Empower Your Business

Store-Level Attribution to Empower Your Business

Stay informed on what’s working at each franchise or store with a centralized reporting platform. You can easily track which campaigns and locations are driving the most leads, calls and form submissions, and see where marketing dollars are being invested on a local level so you can make smarter business decisions.

Our 24/7 intelligence dashboard makes it easy to see all of this data and more. And with the ability to download custom reports and campaign summaries for each partner, you can keep track of the metrics that matter most to each business objective.

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