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“Free lunch Tuesdays. Free beer Fridays. Ping pong whenever you want.  Flexible managers. The “candy box”. There are too many perks to name. It is basically the type of work environment that you have to warn people that they could be involved in a nerf gun battle at any moment.”

What does the Engineering Team do?

The Engineering Team designs, develops, and implements new functionality and maintains existing Java/PHP applications for intelligent online search marketing/display ad tech.

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Finance & Accounting

“Netsertive has motivated me to be successful and have fun while learning along the way! I am glad I was given this opportunity to be a part of an amazing company!”

What does the Finance & Accounting Team do?

The Finance and Accounting Team is responsible for all the day to day transactional accounting for the business. The team is responsible for billing customers throughout the month and ensuring that the revenue, including reconciliation of deferred revenue monthly, is properly recognized in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The Finance team is also responsible for collection of account receivable balances.

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“I love being a part of the Netsertive team! I wake up every morning so excited to go to work. Everyone is very encouraging and full of ideas. The employees and our clients are what makes Netsertive such an incredible company to work for!”

What does the Marketing Team do?

The Marketing Team develops and implements a successful demand generation, sales acceleration, events and online customer engagement programs. The team uses market insight and online campaign materials to facilitate new and existing customer engagement, build our pipeline, and generate revenue for Netsertive solutions.

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“What an amazing opportunity to learn and define digital marketing not from Google and Facebook but alongside them as true partners. On top of that, there’s this amazing source of goodness here with almost all the employees, “Netsertive Goodness” that allows open collaboration, teamwork, and innovation.”

What does the Product Team do?

The Product Team drives overall strategy for Netsertive’s products and works with the Engineering Team to bring new capabilities to market. Product Managers and Product Marketers collaborate to identify potential areas for growth, determine viable opportunities through testing, and promote new and current products to the market. The Product Team manages all of Netsertive’s products from our proprietary bidding system to our Scaled Localization technology across channels and platforms.

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Jordan Hale

Client Success

“There are a lot of great things about Netsertive, but the thing that keeps me coming back is the people. Day in and day out, it’s the warm smiles and friendly conversation that makes me excited to walk in in the morning. Like I said, there a lot of things I like, but it’s the people I value the most.”

What does the Client Success Team do?

The Client Success Team delights our clients. Half of the team is client facing and they are trusted advisors and consultants. They help our clients achieve their business goals through our digital marketing efforts. The other half of the team is behind the scenes. They create our accounts, write the ads, make sure they show up at the right time, in the right place, to the right people so that our clients’ customers click on them and then go to our clients’ locations and buy things! Then our clients tell us that the advertising is working.  That’s the best part of the job.


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David Enos


“What sales professional doesn’t want to help solve problems and then be able to provide a best in class solution for their customers?

For the past five years, I’ve been fortunate to call Netsertive home. Having been through various sales roles, I can confidently say that Netsertive is a place that consistently rewards high performance and recognizes that its people are truly a valuable asset. As a sales leader, I’m given the opportunity to help guide both new and tenured sales professionals who are passionate about their careers. Something that stands out to me is the “team mentality” that everyone shares on our sales team.

If you’re looking for a place where you can be yourself, learn, and have an immediate impact- APPLY NOW!”

What does the Sales Team do?

The Sales Team works with businesses around the country who need help building out data-driven marketing programs. On a daily basis, we consult with hundreds of business owners around the country, uncover areas of opportunity, and ultimately try to make the decision to work with Netsertive- an easy one. Each team member is expected to be curious, passionate, and hungry when it comes to building a book of business and helping local business owners dominate the online conversation!

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