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Customers are Open to Influence Online, Sway Them

People start their buyers journey with a general search, but as they go through the funnel they look more at the brands. This is your first opportunity to reach customers.


Sell More With Facebook

1 in 5 mobile minutes spent online is spent on Facebook. Business need to connect their digital marketing to Facebook in order to boost their ads and reach new customers. Facebook knows a lot about their users and your business could harness their data to have a more effective marketing campaign.


What’s Up With Bing? With Jody From Microsoft

Bing is the #2 search engine in the world. Look at how that affects your market and the opportunity that gives you.


Brands Must Adopt Omnichannel Marketing to Reach Customers

People's media habits have changed. Today almost half the time people spend consuming media is spent online.


Brands Get Wise to Digital Marketing Insights

Brands are now drowning in data. The hard part about data is looking at data and turn it into changes, updates, and shifts to your digital tactics.


Get Your Website Ready for Digital Marketing

Your website is your most important marketing tool and is the digital door for consumers to engage with you. Your online presence could be the key to get your consumers to swing through your stores physical door.