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Holland Plastic Surgery

"More than half of our patients are coming from the Internet, which is a surprise to me since I learned old school marketing 15 years ago. Bringing on something like CoolSculpting has been a totally different world, there's a lot of practices who offer it. We tried another digital provider, but we saw an immediate drop off in new patients. Netsertive brings us 5 times more patients than other digital marketing companies. They have a lot of experience with CoolSculpting."

-Dr. Sarah Holland, MD


Furniture Store of Kansas: “More bang for our buck.”

"We were buying digital through our newspaper... We just weren't getting the response that we needed. It just wasn't working. We wanted to work with a vendor who specialized in digital, of course, and the category that we sell. We knew that was the only way they could help us achieve what we needed to achieve."


Bitter Neumann: “We get new customers in our stores.”

"We live in a click to brick economy. Even in places like Sheboygan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin, which are good ol' midwestern towns," explains Jackie Stenson, "people are starting their searches online first, and then coming into our store to touch and feel the products and buy."


Reach More Whirlpool Corporation Brand Buyers with Digital Marketing

Learn more about how the Internet can be leveraged to help you sell more Whirlpool.


Google Premier Partner Home Goods Digital Marketing

Netsertive's Streetwise for local retailers and Marketwise for brands networks leverage a proprietary digital marketing intelligence platform that learns 24/7 from your brand and dealer network to help you outsmart the competition.


Home Furnishings Digital Marketing Explainer

Today, 97% of consumers use the Internet to research a purchase. And when they're ready to buy, they buy from a local store 9 times out 10. Can your store be found?