Netsertive, the digital marketing solution trusted by top franchise and automotive brands, has once again been named a Premier Partner for 2022 in the Google Partners program.

Netsertive's platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed and developed over the past decade to support the unique needs of local businesses. Through the combination of paid, organic, content management, and analytics, Netsertive makes it simpler and easier for franchise owners and automotive dealers to execute and track results.

"For over a decade, we have developed and perfected a technology platform to consistently deliver superior results. To be named to the top 3% of Google Partners is an honor and a testament to our team's hard work and achievements over the years. We look forward to continuing to support local business owners," says Steve Leonard, Netsertive CEO.

In February, Google recognized the achievements of top-performing digital marketing partners across the globe by awarding Premier Partner status as part of the new Google Partners program. The Google Partners program has undergone significant changes for 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, advanced program requirements and offering new Premier Partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

"As someone who works with your Netsertive on a daily basis, I'm thrilled that Netsertive is recognized as a leading Google Ads expert across the broader industry. It's a huge accomplishment, and I'm honored to partner with you and see Netsertive get acknowledged for all that you do to help your clients meet their marketing goals," says Aubey Layno-Moses, Google Agency Development Manager.

Netsertive is part of a select group of Premier Partners in the Google Partners program. This program is designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. Its mission is to empower companies by providing them with innovative tools, resources, and support to help their clients succeed and grow online.

"Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being among the top 3% of Google Partners in the United States. These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships, and helping their current clients grow. We look forward to supporting them as they help their customers succeed online," states Davang Shah, Senior Director, Google Ads Marketing.

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