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Reach local customers in the moments that matter.

Localized Search
Engine Marketing

With over a 900% increase in “near me” searches in the past two years, marketers understand the power of connecting with consumers when and where they are starting their research—online. Yet creating individually crafted, localized search ads across tens or hundreds of locations is tedious and time consuming.

Our AI-enabled Platform simplifies the complexity of executing hundreds of localized search ads across multiple distribution channels, to ensure you're delivering a powerful, locally relevant search campaign.

Search engine marketing

Local Ads Drive Local Sales Impact

Keyword, geographic, and audience targeting capabilities find interested customers and offer them relevant information on nearby locations so they can make a purchase.

Capture More Demand

Deploy localized ads to reach each in-market shoppers with geographic, seasonal, or location-specific messaging across hundreds of locations.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Launch new, localized search campaigns for hundreds of locations within days, not weeks.

AI-Enabled Performance

Our platform learns and optimizes for the best performing keywords and negative keywords from thousands of campaigns running daily.

Industry Partners

“We have developed a digital turn-key platform for Kia dealers to have best-in-class digital advertising providers, while leveraging the best digital strategies and technology available.

This program allows dealers to invest in search advertising and own their Kia branded search terms, all while ensuring alignment across Tiers I, II, and III, Kia advertising compliance for co-op reimbursement, and providing industry-leading products at a discounted rate.”

KIA Digital Sales

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Capture demand in local markets with Netsertive’s search engine marketing solutions.