Social Advertising

Drive leads and increase brand consideration with location-based social campaigns.


Localized Social Advertising

Social ad campaigns provide unprecedented first party data, mobile reach, and local audience engagement, but managing them is a full-time job. Netsertive drives leads and revenue through social advertising at the location level.

Social advertising

Connect with Local Communities on the Largest Social Networks in the World

Increase brand awareness, reach, lead generation, and brand consideration with localized social advertising.

Extend Reach

3.2 billion people around the globe turn to social media to stay in touch with friends, explore entertaining content, and stay updated on current events (HubSpot).

Social advertising through Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform is a natural way to reach a broad, local audience with locally relevant messaging.

Advanced Targeting

Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform provides access to the wealth of first party geographic, demographic and interest targeting data available on social networks.

Find relevant audiences based on demo, behavior, interests, or serve ads to consumers near one of your stores or franchise locations to help people find your business.

Better Together

Social advertising is a powerful tool. Combined with a multi-channel, localized digital marketing campaign, however, makes it perform even better.

Netsertive provides an omni-channel approach to localized marketing campaigns, to ensure the right media mix is used to achieve your goals.

Industry Partners

Social connect

Drive More Leads with Full-Funnel Advertising

Netsertive’s Social Connect uses three popular Facebook ad formats, Carousel, Image, and Lead Ads, to drive and capture demand within the Facebook ecosystem. Lookalike and retargeting audiences are used lower in the funnel to influence shoppers previously exposed to your brand, capturing high quality leads.

Capture demand in local markets with Netsertive’s social media marketing solutions.

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