The Multi-Location Experience (MLX) Platform

Technology built for multi-location businesses.

Scale with Technology, Not People

Multi-location marketers need to do a thousand little things right to market well at the local level. We call that process Localized Marketing and our in-house, Multi-Location Experience Platform (MLX), was built from the ground up to hyper-localize every aspect of your digital marketing initiatives.

  • Capture More Demand - Deploy digital campaigns to reach in-market shoppers with geographic, seasonal, or inventory-specific messaging across hundreds of locations.
  • Launch Quickly - Launch new, localized digital campaigns for hundreds of locations within days, not weeks.
  • Get Tech-Enabled Performance - Our MLX Platform learns and optimizes for the best performing digital channels, campaigns, and keywords from thousands of campaigns running daily.
  • Save Time - Utilize one of our 40+ integrations to automate tedious work, accurate lead attribution and lead routing.
  • Stay Ahead of the Competition - Get consolidated, real-time analytics via our Insights Manager to make faster decisions and better coach locations.

Our Solution

Netsertive delivers localized digital marketing experiences through innovative technology and a local-first approach. Our Multi-Location Experience (MLX) Platform creates, deploys and provides the data to efficiently manage profitable, localized marketing at scale.

Multi-Location Experience Platform

Search Engine Marketing

Social Advertising

Display Advertising and Retargeting

Video Advertising

Connected TV

Search Engine Optimization

Business Listings

Location Pages and Web Solutions

Centralized Analytics

Content Manager

Netsertive’s Content Manager creates dynamically localized location pages, promotional landing pages and local microsites that can be quickly scaled and activated for each of your locations with the ability to make cascading changes across the network for rapid deployment. 

Content Manager’s national and local SEO programs capture your organic demand and deliver a consistent brand presence across all locations. A/B testing capabilities drive improved conversions, while back-end integrations to your CRM or other business systems seamlessly connect it end-to-end.

Content Manager Capabilities

  • Location Pages
  • Location Finder
  • Search Engine Optimization (National and Local SEO activation)
  • Local Microsites
  • Dynamic Promo Pages
  • Digital Presence
  • Google Business Profile
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Advertising Manager

Netsertive’s Advertising Manager deploys localized advertising campaigns effortlessly across as many locations and channels as you need. You can activate the right media mix or combination of tactics for each location and still manage the overall picture with ease. 

While our Platform continuously monitors and optimizes metrics and performance, it is paired with your Netsertive Digital Support Team to oversee and analyze performance against goals to drive quality local leads and increase brand consideration in all the channels you need to reach your customers and ensure a consistent customer experience.

Advertising Manager Capabilities

  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising and retargeting 
  • Social advertising
  • YouTube and programmatic video advertising
  • Connected TV advertising
  • Call Tracking
  • Audience targeting (via 1st or 3rd party data)
  • Conversion and goal configuration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager
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Insights Manager

Netsertive’s Insights Manager centralizes and normalizes marketing data across channels and locations, so multi-location marketers can make faster, more informed decisions. Get national and local performance metrics, views into your return on ad spend, see high and low performing locations, view lead details, listen to lead phone calls, and much more. 

Our advantage is the strategic oversight that Netsertive’s Expert Support team brings to our award-winning technology, giving you the power to make faster and more informed business decisions, select the best tactics and get the most out of your advertising spend. 

Insights Manager Capabilities

  • Location insights
  • Network insights
  • Attribution tracking
  • Phone and form details
  • Website analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Lead workflow integrations
  • ROI and ROAS insights and analysis
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Do you struggle with:

Keeping local creative and location pages up-to-date?

Converting quality leads?

Visibility into your individual location’s performance and insights?

We Can Help

Technology-Enabled Campaign Performance Meets Agency Strategy and Support

Netsertive's Multi-Location Experience Platform (MLX) is a proprietary technology platform that automates and analyzes localized digital marketing experiences at scale.


Netsertive’s Multi-Location Experience Platform makes deployment of campaigns for all locations seamless and simplified. Rather than creating 100 campaigns, the MLX will automatically do the work as if you’re doing it once, centralizing, localizing & replicating marketing activities that otherwise would take hundreds of hours of work.


Netsertive’s Multi-Location Experience Platform will optimize marketing performance using real data to inform how to best run all of your localized campaigns and drive optimal results. You will get the benefit of the “network effect” with Netsertive where millions of campaign data points from the same system create shared learnings and faster results. MLX provides an easy, turnkey solution to manage ongoing campaigns and quickly activate services for new locations. 


Netsertive’s Multi-Location Experience Platform will deploy localized campaigns and normalize data back into a single view. Holistic reporting  is centralized across locations so  you can see all campaign insights in a single location giving you the visibility to stay on top of performance metrics.  Simultaneously, single-location or single campaign analytics are also created for cases where the oversight of those campaigns is decentralized.  Ultimately, your business decisions are  informed more quickly so that the marketing insights help propel key decisions. 


Netsertive’s Multi-Location Experience Platform easily integrates the digital marketing metrics we power right into your business systems, consolidating and normalizing third-party data streams (eg: Google,  Meta, Microsoft, Trade Desk, etc.) in real time. Or push your point-of-sale, revenue or other customer data into our secure Portal for one clean view into performance at the national and local level. 

How It Works

Automated set-up
Localized Execution
24/7 Optimization
Centralized Analytics
Proactive management 100% of the time
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"The two things that stand out the most for me with the team at Netsertive is their transparency and tenacity. Their tenacious approach to digging in and looking for answers and the transparency in providing our zees with real time data to make meaningful decisions."
Michael Moorhouse
Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation
“We’ve tried multiple online partners with little ROI. Netsertive has proven that you drive quality traffic and customers to our website where we need it most, and equip us with sales opportunities to close.”
Greg Rentschler
Sales Manager,
Rentschler Chrysler Jeep Dodge
“With Netsertive, we don’t get stuck in the one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. Netsertive allows us to hyper-localize and analyze campaigns across all of our locations, drill down to the data to understand the higher and lower performers, what’s working to replicate with others, all while being able to rapidly make changes in real time.”
Larisa Walega
Vice President of Marketing,
Ziebart International

Geo-Targeting is Not Enough

If you think geo-targeting ads are enough to do local marketing well, you’re leaving money on the table. We hyper-localize every piece of your digital marketing strategy to ensure the digital presence and discoverability is maximized for every single location.

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