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Improve how you sell, produce, and manage digital campaigns.

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Creative Studio

Direct sales teams and marketers alike need high-impact digital ad units and powerful technology to succeed today.

Netsertive’s Creative Studio powers the production and management of digital rich media, in-banner video, and in-stream ad campaigns, so publisher's can better monetize their properties or drive engagement with their content.

“Partnering with Netsertive allows us to localize high-impact video campaigns at scale and has been a game-changer for our larger national clients.

They are instrumental in bringing us creative video technology to meet our clients' goals by using highly interactive and out-of-the-box capabilities."

Kyle Benn
Vice President, Sales at SpotX

Netsertive's creative studio

Design and Manage Digital Ad Campaigns

Netsertive puts the power of ad creation at your fingertips. We provide the tools and templates for designers and non-designers alike to easily produce video and rich media ads that run seamlessly across any screen, all without writing code.

Our campaign management interface allows users to quickly determine the status of campaigns, create placements, and review delivery, pacing, and performance details - all within a single, centralized workflow.

Netsertive's Creative Studio

Deep Insights and Reporting

Impressions and clicks are only part of the story. Netsertive’s Creative Studio allows you to easily view and report on performance metrics and KPIs that tell a comprehensive story.

Better Monetize Across Properties

We simplify your vendor list—and your life—by reducing the operational complexities around the way you sell, produce, and manage digital ad campaigns.

Premium Ad Products

Outstream and in-stream video, interactive rich media, social, and programmatic creative.

State-of-the-Art Creative Studio

Simple tools, a friendly UX, presets and automation make producing advanced creative easy, effective
and scalable.

A Single, Centralized Workflow

Produce, manage, distribute, measure, and optimize campaigns in real time, at scale, from one interface.

Best-in-Class Support

We help you sell, produce,
manage, and analyze better digital
ad campaigns. We're a complete solution, not a niche vendor.

58 percent of marketing executives say local marketing is essential to business growth and profitability.
When consumers engage with an ad through touch, it increases spontaneous recall by 28 percent.
80 percent of users can recall a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days.
Netsertive's Creative Studio

Easily Create High-Impact Digital Ads

Netsertive puts the power of ad creation at your fingertips. We provide the tools and templates for designers and non-designers alike to easily produce video and rich media ads that run seamlessly across any screen, all without writing code.

Built to Scale

Netsertive’s ads are built to work on every device, browser, and inventory type, and the Studio features formats & templates for every need - from outstream and in-stream, to rich media, native, and social.

Interactive Capabilities

Netsertive has dozens of coded, tested, and ready-to-use features available. Add photo and video carousels, dealer locators, countdown clocks, social feeds and more.

Drop and Drag Workspace

Our drag and drop, timeline based interface empowers ad producers of any skill level to produce great ads. Build from templates, start from scratch, or have our experts do it.

Dynamic Content Optimization

Netsertive's ads can dynamically change based on device, location, time, frequency, weather, and other variables to convey the right message .


Dayparting allows you to bundle multiple creatives within one ad tag, and set rules for which creative will be delivered at which time of day.

Real-Time Updates

Update your ads in real-time, and without the need to retraffic. Optimize, make design changes, or upload a new video on the fly. Just press publish and your creative will refresh.

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