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Drive more sales through your local franchises.


Locally Relevant Marketing, Centralized Visibility, and Control

With franchise operations growing, so does the complexity of marketing across the vast network of franchise locations that expect locally relevant, personalized campaigns.

Our platform simplifies the complexity of executing localized digital marketing campaigns across multiple distribution channels, to ensure you're meeting local market needs.

National, regional, and franchisee level performance reporting, campaign best practices and operational insights, provide the intel you need to make better business decisions and improve performance.

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52 percent of customers are likely to switch
brands if marketing is not personalized.

- Salesforce State of Marketing

AI-Enabled performance

Netsertive's Distributed Marketing Platform

Netsertive's Distributed Marketing Platform localizes and tunes hundreds of campaign variables for better campaign performance.

Tailor the media mix, creative, budget allocation, and bid strategy, targeting seasonality and location adjustments, to each of your unique franchisee locations to serve their unique market needs.

Manage Multi-location Marketing
Strategies with Ease

Brand-Compliant Messaging

You work hard to build your brand. Ensure brand compliance and deliver a consistent customer experience across locations and marketing channels.

Localized Campaigns

Every franchisee has a unique set of needs. Allow every location to opt-in to the level of participation that’s right for them, while tailoring their media plan and creative to their set of local business needs.

Deep Local Insights

When you deliver hundreds of tailored marketing campaigns across your Franchise network, you collect thousands of data points and insights. Use this data to make better business decisions and improve marketing operations.

Speed to Market

Launch faster, drive sales sooner. Get a multi-channel, multi-location digital marketing campaign up and running in half the time of a traditional in-house campaign.

Location Adoption

Franchisees are passionate about their business. Get stronger engagement from local managers and owners by bridging the gap between corporate and local marketing.

76 percent of local mobile searches for something nearby result in a same-day in-store visit.
90 percent of retail sales still happen in physical stores, not online.
40 percent of in-store sales will be influenced by the Internet from 2016-2021.
netsertive for franchises

Drive Marketing Performance for Clients Through Top Performing Digital Channels


Reach local customers in the moments that matter.

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Drive leads and increase brand consideration through people-based marketing.

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Landing Pages

Launch hundreds of landing pages that are localized, search engine optimized, and built for conversion.

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Reach consumers with localized and interactive messaging.

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Create compelling video campaigns with a range of video ad formats to captivate customers.

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Business Listings

Improve your online presence and measure marketing impact.

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Analytics and insights

Better Decision-Making with
Local Intelligence and Insights

No marketer likes to admit they're driving blind. Yet without local marketing activity and intel that's what's happening. We put you back in the drivers seat with exposure to what's working across your network and at each individual location, so you have the intel to make better marketing operations and decisions for your business.

“With the help of Netsertive, we went from a very limited local digital marketing effort at the beginning of the year, to 96 locations in full operation within 45 days.

The impact on our web traffic was immediate and extraordinary. Sales by adopting dealers have consistently outpaced non-participants and adoption continues to grow, more than doubling in the second year after launch.”
Maurice Bowen
Marketing Director,
White River Marine Group

Industry partners

"We live in a click to brick economy where people are starting their research online first, come into our stores to touch and feel the product, then buy. We get anywhere from 100 to 200 phone calls from customers every month through Netsertive.

Their technology makes more than 2,000 changes every month to our digital campaign. If something isn't working, they change it. Netsertive has boosted new eye care appointment inquiries by 350 percent; our overall website traffic is up 300 percent."
Jackie Stenson
Marketing Manager
Bitter Neumann
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