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Amplify your ad budget and increase your sales.

Netsertive FOR Automotive

Connect with Auto Shoppers in the Moments That Matter

To get ahead in the fast-moving automotive industry requires doing something different. With Netsertive, we activate multi-channel marketing in the moments that matter, so that regardless of consumption habit or research stage, you show up and engage with in-market shoppers.

Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform allows you to amplify your digital budget, with the average dealership in the US achieves an improvement of 20-30 percent in their digital marketing budget effectiveness when switching to Netsertive.

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“This program allows dealers to invest in search advertising and own their Kia branded search terms, all while ensuring alignment across Tiers I, II, and III, Kia advertising compliance for co-op reimbursement.”
Kia Digital Sales
“We’ve tried multiple online partners with little ROI. Netsertive has proven that you drive quality traffic and customers to our website where we need it most, and equip us with sales opportunities to close.”
Greg Rentschler
Sales Manager,
Rentschler Chrysler Jeep Dodge
“In the midst of Alaska’s current economic situation, we are still capturing the lion’s share of car sales in our market, and we attribute our partnership with Netsertive an integral part of our success this year.”
Susan Hamilton
Director of Advertising,
Continental Mazda
Twice as many consumers start their research online versus at a dealer.
Car buyers spend 59 percent of their time online researching.
Mobile searches for car-dealer-related 'near me' searches grew over 200 percent in the last two years.
Solutions for Oems

For OEMs

We give OEMs the ability to launch thousands of localized, brand-compliant ads to ensure consistent messaging and branding across each location.

Netsertive's expert campaign managers, combined with our powerful AI-enabled platform, monitor, analyze and adjust campaigns in real-time, 24/7, to ensure you maximize your return on ad-spend across hundreds of locations, a specific region or a single location.

Solutions for Dealers

For Dealership Groups

Dealer groups sells multiple brands, sometimes in different cities and states. Each vehicle brand you sell and service requires a different message, has different trends, and different shoppers. With Netsertive, custom tailor digital marketing based on unique location needs, as markets shift, or goals change.

Solutions for Dealers

For Dealers

We arm dealers with industry intelligence, co-branded content, co-op reporting, reimbursement reporting, and unmatched support. Our Platform enables us to create and execute a tailored localized strategy that helps you sell cars faster.

netsertive for Automotive

Drive Marketing Performance for Clients Through Top Performing Digital Channels


Reach local customers in the moments that matter.

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Drive leads and increase brand consideration through people-based marketing.

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Landing Pages

Launch hundreds of landing pages that are localized, search engine optimized, and built for conversion.

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Reach consumers with localized and interactive messaging.

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Create compelling video campaigns with a range of video ad formats to captivate customers.

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Business Listings

Improve your online presence and measure marketing impact.

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Analytics and insights

Make Better Decisions with Local Intelligence and Insights

Our Platform and analysts work together to optimize 24/7, with leading bid management, unmatched insights and unique audience targeting strategies to save you money. Whether you have one dealership or hundreds, your dealership can leverage our AI-Powered learnings and insights to put you on top of your competition.

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