Netsertive Client Resources

Learn from Netsertive's experts about the strategy behind your campaigns and how to use our Insights Manager to monitor campaign performance.


Understanding Leads and Conversions in Your Netsertive Campaigns

Netsertive's Zach Swann, Senior Program Strategist, explains the fundamentals of leads and conversions, their importance in digital marketing, and how to track them effectively in Insights Manager.


Create Custom Reports in the Netsertive Insights Manager

Netsertive's Suzie So, Program Strategist on the Customer Experience Team, guides you through creating and optimizing custom reports in Netsertive's Performance Analyzer.


Understanding Impression Share and Conversion-Based Bidding Strategies

Josh Owens, Program Strategist at Netsertive, dives into the details of impression share, the pitfalls of searching for your own ads, and the benefits of conversion-based bidding for optimizing your digital marketing campaigns.