Podcast with Josie DeVault, Director of Marketing at A Place At Home

Building on the Fly and Adapting to the Post-Pandemic Digital World

A Place At Home is a Senior-Focused Care model that provides a continuum of services to the senior population in a manner that is consistent and reliable for each phase of the aging journey. By offering services that address the varying needs of seniors, A Place At Home positions itself to become a trusted partner in the senior’s overall care. Learn more at APlaceAtHome.com.

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A Place At Home, a senior home care franchise, is putting the why back into franchising. Josie DeVault, Director of Marketing at a Place At Home, is laser focused on building value propositions within all of their verticals. In this episode, Josie takes us through how her team is building-on-the-fly to ensure their franchise and marketing strategies are adapted to the post-pandemic digital world.

Meet Josie DeVault


Josie DeVault

Director of Marketing
A Place At Home

Josie DeVault is the person behind the scenes making brands come to life. As Director of Marketing for A Place At Home, an emerging in-home senior care franchise with 20 locations, she is responsible for catapulting the national brand presence forward, supporting the development team, and leading the corporate marketing team. She does video production, advertising, branding, graphic design, website development, social media management, and franchisee onboarding.

These efforts led to A Place At Home being called a killer brand and "the next-gen home care franchise opportunity" by FRANX. She also manages and oversees the annual convention, charitable contributions, marketing training, and so much more.  Josie is not only passionate about marketing and branding but is also fulfilled and inspired by making an impact in the communities they serve. As a member of the leadership team, Josie has helped grow the brand through strategic planning and direction of A Place At Home's short and long-term goals. 

Josie received her Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and moved with her husband, Kevin, to Arizona and later to California. They returned to Nebraska in 2018 to raise their two daughters, Maya and Ellie, around their family.

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