Podcast with Guest Angie Schatschneider, Director of Marketing at NTY Franchise Company

Empowering Franchisees to Be Creative with Their Marketing

NTY's brand, The Clothes Mentor, buys and sells gently used designer clothing. The Clothes Mentor provides cash on the spot for brand-name “gently-used” women's fashions & accessories. They believe in sustainable clothing and supporting local communities. Their goal is to inspire clients to live differently and to express themselves with a lifestyle that cares for our environment.

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When your franchise model relies on your customers for both inventory and revenue, marketing is constantly in the hot seat. Add-in that your competitors are major box retailers with budgets in the millions and you’ve got a marketing challenge fit for Angie Schatschneider and the New To You Franchise Brands. In this episode, you’ll learn how The Clothes Mentor utilizes highly targeted marketing strategies to grow their brand and how those strategies are devised using trends, analytics, psychology, spend, and a bit of scrappiness.

Meet Angie Schatschneider


Angie Schatschneider

Director of Marketing
NTY Franchise Company

Angie Schatschneider joined NTY Franchise Company the parent company of Clothes Mentor in December 2018. In this time, Clothes Mentor has launched a national eCommerce website that pools more than 250,000 women’s resale apparel and accessories to ClothesMentor.com in addition to individual store eCommerce sites and 129 retail locations nationwide. Prior to NTY Franchise Company, Angie worked for a 700+ retail store and Business-to-Business franchisor where she progressed up to Marketing Director and most recently Creative Director.

Angie has years of experience in formulating marketing plans to drive sales through customer retention, paid channels, social strategies, traditional media and by executing omnichannel retail-based franchise programs in today’s ever-changing world of marketing.

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