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Podcast with Guest Larisa Walega, Vice President of Marketing at Ziebart International

Building Data-Driven Customer Journeys as a Franchise Marketing Leader

As Larisa Walega, VP of Marketing at Ziebart International, shares in this episode, marketing leadership is about helping your employees become great marketers, and marketing is about connecting with your customers. Learn how data, technology, and people-centricity work together to create customer journeys that build consumer loyalty—and happy marketing teams.

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Guest Profile

Larisa Walega

VP of Marketing
Ziebart International

Larisa is the VP of Marketing for Ziebart International, a worldwide franchisor of the Ziebart brand of automotive aftermarket stores. Prior to coming to Ziebart, she was at Doner advertising and Campbell, where she learned from the ground up how each piece of marketing and advertising comes together.

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