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Podcast with Guest Liane Caruso, CEO at HelloCMO

Why Franchise Networks Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Liane Caruso is the CEO of helloCMO, a franchise marketing consultancy offering fractional CMO services to franchise brands and their suppliers. In this episode, Liane shares actionable insights on how franchise marketers can lead with digital marketing, build brand equity through digital assets, and leverage data to succeed while engaging franchisees along the way.

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Guest Profile

Liane Caruso



Liane Caruso is the Chief Executive Officer at helloCMO, a franchise marketing consultancy that delivers results both in consumer and franchise development through fractional CMO services. With over two decades of B2B and B2C marketing experience and the last ten years focused on the franchise space, Liane understands the unique intricacies involved in working with and marketing for franchisor and franchisee.

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