Podcast with Guest Lizi Wahl, Director of Franchise Marketing at Young Rembrandts

Scaling Your Franchise Marketing Success

Young Rembrandts is an after-school enrichment program that meets weekly at your child’s school or daycare. At Young Rembrandts, it's their mission to raise generations that value the power, the passion and the significance of art. Founded in 1988, Young Rembrandts has become a recognized leader in art education and has developed into an international franchise business.

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With a franchise model that has steady demand and recurring revenue, Young Rembrandts have artistically defined the best marketing tactics for their brand. Whether they are a new location marketing to twenty people or the national brand marketing to thousands, the key is finding what works and then automating it. Lizi Wahl, Director of Franchise Marketing, speaks with us about simplifying the complicated for a direct path to success.

Meet Lizi Wahl


Lizi Wahl

Director of Franchise Marketing
Young Rembrandts

Lizi Wahl is the Director of Franchise Marketing at Young Rembrandts Franchise and a certified Email and Social Media Marketer. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Lizi is passionate about integrating national and local initiatives to reach goals and coach Young Rembrandts Franchisees to success. Wahl is a graduate of Purdue University and loves to cheer on BIG 10 Football.

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