Podcast with Guest Stephanie Hill, Vice President of Marketing at MassageLuXe International

Massaging Your Marketing Message for Brand and Local Expansion

MassageLuXe is a fast-growing massage and spa franchise that provides luxurious treatments to clients across the country. Massage services are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek out the health benefits of this time-honored practice. MassageLuXe offers services to help clients relax, remove pain, and restore health. Learn more at MassageLuXe.com.

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MassageLuXe International has expanded to over 70 locations by sharing the broad benefits of their wellness services and delivering an incredible spa experience for their clients. In this episode, Stephanie Hill, Vice President of Marketing at MassageLuXe, dives into the importance of a multi-prong marketing strategy that supports franchisee, client, and employee satisfaction and shares how they have pushed their brand to the top of the industry.

Meet Stephanie Hill


Stephanie Hill

Vice President of Marketing
MassageLuXe International

Stephanie Hill is the Vice President of Marketing for MassageLuxe International. She has been an integral part of the MassageLuXe franchise team since the company’s inception in 2007. While she currently oversees the marketing and graphic design departments, Stephanie has held various positions within the organization throughout her career. This includes positions both inside and outside of salons and spas.

Stephanie’s vast experience with MassageLuXe gives her a unique vantage point from which to create and implement effective marketing plans and provide franchisees with the marketing tools they need to succeed.

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