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Netsertive helps our customers find their ideal, local consumer among the billions of worldwide users of Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s network of third-party apps. Our localization and automation technology creates and tweaks advertisements to drive brand awareness, website traffic, and leads.

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SmartLaunch can create thousands of engaging, brand-compliant social ads and launches new campaigns in minutes. Each unique ad is customized with relevant information like closest store location, contact details, and directions.

Netsertive’s Co-op Management Solution ensures that all Social ad creative and ad text is brand-compliant and eligible for co-op.

Each ad is reviewed by our digital marketing experts to ensure brand consistency.


SmartTarget analyzes consumer profiles and preferences across our brand networks to develop unique Facebook audiences. Using Netsertive’s first-party data to identify trends and patterns, SmartTarget is able to create a profile of the ideal, local consumer for specific products and services.

Based on these profiles, SmartTarget utilizes Facebook Lookalike audiences to deliver campaigns to additional consumers with similar interests, demographics, and preferences. These audiences are constantly adjusted as more data is analyzed and additional trends develop.


Ad creative and text changes across various locations is as simple as the click of a button with SmartAdjust. Updated images or messaging can be released instantly across ads for a whole brand network, region, or a single retail location.

SmartAdjust monitors performance of specific placements and different ad types on a daily basis. Campaign improvements, like new bid strategies, are suggested based on this analysis to ensure optimal performance throughout the campaign period.

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