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Netsertive's Localized Marketing Platform

Multi-location brand marketers understand the importance of connecting with customers at the local level, yet still struggle to deliver a cohesive digital experience that is personalized to each unique market.

Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform solves this by providing the flexibility to customize brand-compliant, digital marketing campaigns for each unique location, while surfacing the analytics and insights into those local marketing activities for better agility, control, and decision making.

Small Adjustments, Big Results

Netsertive’s Distributed Marketing Platform automates the execution of hundreds of individualized local marketing campaigns, while leveraging cutting-edge AI techniques that constantly analyzes results and finely tunes campaigns. This ensures hundreds of small adjustments are made daily for big results.

  • Media mix
  • Creative execution and messaging
  • Budget allocation
  • Bid strategy
  • Targeting
  • Seasonality and location adjustments
  • Advanced Data Matching
Business Analytics

Make Better Decisions with Local Intelligence and Insights

No marketer likes to admit they're driving blind. Yet without local marketing activity and intel that's what's happening. Netsertive’s Platform puts you back in the driver's seat with exposure to what's working across locations, so you have the intel to make better marketing operations and decisions for your business.

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"Netsertive helped us double our F-150 sales. Local buyers can easily find our dealership online, and our custom ads deliver dozens of sales opportunities into my BDC daily. This works."

Bob Wheat, Village Ford, Michigan

See how scaled localization powers multi-location brands across industries.

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