Reaching the right person, whether offline or online, at the right time is critical in any campaign. Netsertive’s new Advanced Data Matching feature allows you to deliver highly relevant messages to consumers at key moments throughout the buying process. Through a partnership with LiveRamp, Advanced Data Matching uses first-party data to target, measure, and personalize your digital marketing campaigns to current and potential customers.

What is 1st party data?
First-party data is any piece of data collected directly from a customer, both offline and online. This can include data from your website, app, social media profiles, email and direct mail lists, surveys, customer feedback, and your CRM.

Two-thirds of marketers believe first-party data provides the best path to truly understanding their customers and achieving stronger overall marketing performance (Source: eConsultancy).

What is Advanced Data Matching?
Your databases contain a wealth of valuable insights about your customers and prospects. Advanced Data Matching is the process of taking your offline customer information and integrating it with your online customer profile. Doing so helps improve your digital marketing by organizing and connecting all of your first-party data to turn those audience insights into action.

What are the benefits of Advanced Data Matching?
CRM, subscription, and other offline data sources are combined with the behaviors and actions customers take online to create a holistic view of your audience. With a better understanding of your audience, you can develop more relevant campaigns and increase engagement through highly targeted ads. It’s also possible to distribute the same audience segments to each of your targeting applications, including Google and Facebook. This allows you to increase lift by reaching the same consumers with consistent messages across search, display, video, email, and more.

80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences (Source: Epsilon Marketing)

Here are just a few of the ways to leverage Advanced Data Matching to improve results:

  • Upsell, retention, brand reinforcement or win-back campaigns - once a visitor converts, use CRM data to identify other products or services they may be interested in
  • CRM retargeting - target current customers based on purchase history
  • Look-alike modeling - reach new audiences who resemble your best customers
  • Ad suppression - suppress buyers from seeing an ad for a product they recently purchased
  • Deliver a customer-centric experience - target customers in a one-to-one manner with highly relevant messaging

Here’s an example of audience targeting where the images shown in the automotive ads above are tailored based on the demographics of the user. The ad on the left targets male consumers while the ad on the right targets female consumers.

By connecting customer data to marketing applications and media platforms, Advanced Data Matching enables marketers to increase the impact of digital marketing campaigns across channels and devices to achieve better marketing results. Advanced Data Matching is available to Netsertive and LiveRamp customers.

Get in touch with us to start using audience data to improve your marketing today.

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