It’s no secret that the auto industry is going electric.  With gas prices continuing to rise and technology continuing to advance, it looks like the Electric Vehicles (EV) push is here to stay. 

“First-quarter [2022] results are in, and they rock. Despite supply chain issues and higher upfront costs, the auto industry reports strong performances in EVs, with Ford announcing a growth rate of 139%, Volkswagen of 65%, and Tesla — an increase of 81%.” - Forbes

Many OEMs are launching their new EV Models with both online pre-orders and custom orders. With this new buying model, advertising tactics are also changing. Platforms like video, Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) allow dealerships to advertise at a larger scale to a more customized audience. Dealers are able to capture the attention of a new audience while building interest and momentum.

Drive Electric Vehicle

In 2021, Volkswagen began their launch of their new electric vehicle, the VW I.D 4. To help push interest in the vehicle and increase pre-orders, VW chose two partners to run a turnkey CTV campaign program for dealers. As a chosen partner, Netsertive was able to create a streamlined campaign set up and execution process to quickly launch new dealer campaigns and continue to optimize them efficiently.  

In a 6 month snapshot the dealerships’ Connected TV ads reached over 2.4MM unique households at $.03 cost per completed view, resulting in 965 dealership visits and almost 100 VW ID.4 pre-orders. 

In addition to these strong results, the Netsertive team was able to drastically improve the targeting, control the frequency, and increase reach when compared to previous providers. This led to a 98% video completion rate and 2.8MM completed views. Previous providers were reporting a 45% completion rate and a cost per completed view that was 66% higher.. By partnering with Netsertive, the ten VW dealerships were able to better reach an engaged audience and drive them towards a local call to action.

After more than a year, Netsertive continues to run these successful CTV campaigns, focused on EV vehicles and online ordering. Learn more about our VW Campaign or our CTV program.

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