As different states adjust their “stay-at-home” orders, different businesses are partially reopening or starting to think about reopening. Many customers are unsure about who is open, who is partially open (and what that entails), and who is closed. When customers are uncertain, the first thing they do is check the Internet for information. If that information is inaccurate, they can lose trust in that brand.

Google My Business

That’s why it’s so important to keep your online information updated and accurate.

One way that both potential and existing customers get information about your business is from Google My Business (GMB). If your business is open and operating, they’ll want to know that so they can engage with your business. The same goes for if you're closed or have partial service.

Google recently put out some best practices for businesses to use when updating their Google My Business listings. We’ve summed up the most important ones below. If you have any questions about how to update your online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can quickly create and bulk-verify Google My Business listings on your behalf, saving you time better spent helping your customers.

Change Your Hours & Keep All Information Up-to-Date

Have your business hours changed? Keep your operational hours accurate and up-to-date so that customers know when you’re open. Oftentimes, Google My Business is the first touchpoint new customers will have with your business. That’s why it’s so important to update it whenever you have a change or shift in hours.

In fact, if you check your profile right now you may find a disclaimer that lets customers know that your business info might not be up-to-date. As a verified business, you can remove this disclaimer by updating your recent “special hours.”

It’s also important to make sure your customers know:

  • If your business is only available for curbside services
  • Extra services you provide to the community
  • If your business services are delayed

What If My Business is Temporarily Closed?

If you’re closed, you can easily mark your GMB profile as “temporarily closed.” This will not affect your search ranking. If your business has closed its storefront but is still offering deliveries, then do not mark it as “temporarily closed.”

Once you reopen, you can easily change this status by reaching out to Google. They will remove the status immediately.

Consider Adding a COVID Message

Google My Business is currently allowing users to post a special COVID-19 Update Post to their profiles. This will display prominently and allow you to communicate with your customers about what’s going on at your business right now. Google recommends including any relevant details and updates your customers might want to know, including:

  • Closures or reduced hours
  • Safety and hygiene practices
  • Availability of gift cards to support your business

Connect with Your Customers

Communicate directly with your customers by downloading the Google My Business App and enabling the messaging feature. This allows your customers to reach out to you directly with questions or concerns they may have about your business.

You can also write an automatic welcome message that updates customers on your current business status.

Questions? We’re Here to Help

Netsertive can quickly create and bulk-verify Google My Business listings, to save you the time and headache of manually verifying each location via postcards and phone calls.

Have a question about how to update your Google My Business account? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Netsertive. As a Google Partner, we are committed to keeping our customers up-to-date on the latest best practices.

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