Hey everyone! I’m Ashley Freeman and I've been the Corporate Marketing Associate at Netsertive for almost a year now. My main responsibilities include managing Netsertive’s voice through our blog and social media. When I joined Netsertive they had never had someone solely focused on social media on a daily basis so I was super excited to dive into their social channels and start doing what I love.

So what do I do all day? This is a question people ask me often. When I get to the office in the morning the first thing I do is check our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram). I love looking at metrics and seeing how our posts performed. I’m still waiting for my #BreakTheInternet moment but until then I get super pumped to see a conversion from one of my posts or people sharing our content. One of the reasons I love managing Netsertive’s social accounts is because there is constantly something going on, whether its a Netizen taking their 4-year refresh in Mexico or being the first to share that Netsertive has won a new award. I'm constantly getting sent cool pictures and news to post on social that highlight our amazing Netizens, our company, and our clients. On top of scheduling our social posts, I spend a lot of my time researching new social trends and reading industry news that I repurpose on our social channels. In addition, I work with different teams to create social plans to promote upcoming webinars and trade shows.

In addition to social, I am also responsible for writing, editing, and posting blog content. Apart from myself, other blog writers are members of the Marketing, Product Marketing, and Client Success teams. I love managing the blog because I get to learn about so many different topics in our industry. I also manage website updates and creating our internal company newsletter which is an email newsletter I started that gets sent out monthly to our employees. The newsletter consists of a message from one of our senior leaders, updates from all departments and a Netizen of the month, which highlights a Netizen who has been nominated by one of their colleagues. The newsletter has been a great way for our employees to stay informed with what's happening across the company and a great opportunity for me to get to work with so many different people.

Lastly, I'm involved in two groups at Netsertive - Funcubator and Netsertive Gives Back. Funcubator is in charge of planning fun events for our Netizens (think Office Olympics and Lip Sync Battles.) Netsertive Gives Back is our corporate giving committee, which recently held a Rise Against Hunger event at the office that raised $3,000 and packaged over 8,000 meals for people in developing nations. I’m also the Marketing teams GTP (go-to person) for all new hires in my department. The GTP helps new hires get acclimated to the team and is there to be a resource for all those crazy first week questions. By far my favorite thing about my position is getting to work with so many different people across all departments and the ability to be as creative as I choose.

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