At the beginning of the summer, I walked into Netsertive and introduced myself in their Monday Meetup, a weekly meeting where the entire company comes together. In front of 250 smiling faces in the Netsertive “stadium”, a stage surrounded by three sets of bleachers, I announced my name and a fun fact. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the company, its people, and its culture.

Netsertive is a digital marketing company specializing in the brand-to-local concept. It aims to allow larger companies to control the digital marketing initiatives of all their store locations with one platform, allowing them to personalize marketing campaigns for each store location. Using Netsertive's technology for channels including search, display, and social media advertising, corporations can have greater flexibility and speed with their marketing campaigns and can also ensure brand-compliance across individual store locations.

One thing I noticed immediately about the culture at Netsertive is the emphasis on bringing the entire company together to promote inclusion and understanding. There were several times a week when the entire company met together, something I found amazing to see. While I was there, the product team was releasing a new product for YouTube advertising. In order to guarantee that the whole team understood the product outlook and goals, they held a company-wide training for two weeks where everyone was invited to come learn and ask questions for 30 minutes a day. Additionally, leadership went over the company’s goals and results for the entire company at it’s Monday Meetups and Quarterly Review Meetings. As a result of this, it promoted a culture where every employee understood the company’s vision and was motivated to help achieve it.

Throughout my time at Netsertive, I was able to speak with employees very openly about their role and previous experiences. Taking advantage of this, I scheduled time to speak to the CEO, President, Vice Presidents, and Product Managers. In every conversation, I learned about each person’s journey and their perspective regarding the company’s outlook and value proposition. All the employees I spoke with were more than willing to give me valuable insights that I will now use along my own career path. The openness of the company’s executives and leaders allowed me to see the benefit of having an inclusive company culture where everyone is constantly informed and involved.

While working at Netsertive, I have been able to work alongside some fantastic people and accomplish a great deal. I have learned how to use various technical tools such as SalesForce and HubSpot, create content for the Netsertive blog and drip campaigns, and strategize a direct mailer campaign to target the new Enterprise marketing segment. I was also part of the Netsertive Weekly Rundown, a video that goes up on the company's social media pages every Friday which highlights what the company has been up to for the week:

Looking back at my experience, I am incredibly glad to have worked for such an open-minded and innovative company like Netsertive.

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